Tuesday, September 30, 2008

poppy's tattoo | sketch

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this is a sketch for my good friend poppy - she lasered off a tattoo she hated from when she was like 16 and wanted something that better represented who she is now. she has spent years being a strong mother and then became a doula and now she's a mid-wife and just had her 4th daughter - yesterday! i'm not typically a proponent of that level of breeding, but poppy is the kind of person who makes having 4 kids seem like it could make sense :)

untitled2 | monoprint and linocut

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this was a reaction to my son's 6-month eye dr. appt...to ensure his eyes were developing properly...so that was like 12 years ago...?? 1996-ish...

yeah...you can't just politely ask a 6-month old to keep their eyes open while you stick stuff in them...

untitled | linocut

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i think this was one of my first linocuts in college - i switched from photo/video to printmaking my jr. year i think...

selfportrait | monoprint

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this was in college...i only wore contacts for brief times in my life :)

girl | graphite sketch

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found some old work and just wanted to post it...this was a sketch i did after i move back in with my mom with my 3 year old...hadn't picked up a pencil in a couple of years at least...wanted to see if i could still draw. it's not bad, but i could always use more practice...

i love this blog...

doodlersanonymous (DA)

just discovered it looking through blogs that led to other blogs that led to others and this...

Friday, September 26, 2008

great idea...

art house | scavenger project

it's very cool - you agree to participate, pay your $15 fee, and they send you a packet with essentially 24 assignments (each correlates to a chapter in the eventual book) and you complete them and return them. and you are guaranteed at least one of your pieces will be published in the 24 chapter book they put together...

small price for a little publicity - i assume they'll publish artist's names and websites at the very least...they own the work at the end it sounds like...but for someone like me the publicity would far outweigh the copyright loss...

looks like there's still time to sign-up...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

martha stewart blog contest

post a comment with your name and blog address to enter the contest to be featured in her blog...and post a link to her blog entry in yours...that's it!

martha's contest post

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


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this is a detail of the doilie (i love alliteration)
it was shot with my phone though - so it's not that great of a shot...

doilie print

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it's pink offset with a blue overprint - sorta like 3D :)
and a black gun over that...on a doilie...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i am one of their (many) featured artists for september! :)
i haven't fully checked out the site yet, but i have a few pieces uploaded there and ultimately any exposure is good i think :) there's no such thing as bad press right?! :)

there's a continually rotating slide show of featured artists in the sort of top right corner so you could potentially have to wait to see my piece...but it's still more exposure than i had on 8/31 :)

but if you get tired of waiting to see me featured, you can just search by filthedesign or by emily eakes...but really it's all the same art you would have seen here...

i did get to print some more this weekend so hopefully i have some more prints for you to look at soon :)