Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Z is for zipper

Z is for zipper
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sketchbook project excerpt

S is for star

S is for star
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sketchbook project excerpt

P is for pie

P is for pie
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sketchbook project excerpt

N is for nail

N is for nail
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sketchbook project excerpt

E is for egg

E is for egg
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sketchbook project excerpt

B is for book

B is for book
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sketchbook project excerpt for my art house coop submission

Sunday, December 27, 2009

L is for love

L is for love
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another page

D is for doll

D is for doll
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the xerox transfers are complete for my submission to the sketchbook project for art house coop.

hoping to print my linoleum blocks in the next couple of days to make the 1/4/10 deadline for inclusion in their sketchbook library...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

FunkyRecycling on Etsy

Browsing etsy today and found a great shop for jewelry made from recycled aluminum cans. I love the idea of recycling materials into your art or craft. I find it a bit difficult to do so because our house is small and storage is at a premium...because we're still working on our house, we have most of our stuff in totes...the stuff that isn't accessed daily. So the idea of bringing more stuff into our house is not cool :)

Click on the image to go to the item.

I saw pendents made from colored pencil nubs on a site a while back as well that I loved.

Though it's ironic I guess as i don't really wear jewelry :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Printmaking • Weekend• LOLA Giant • Indie Art & Craft • Women Artists

Had a great weekend...

Spent Saturday preparing for the lola Giant show. Also did some last minute low budget xmas shopping for the boy. The economy has been knocking us around pretty steadily for the past 2 years but we're trying to keep things "normal" for the boy.

Jason worked on the booth display also - it turned out really well...I spent the last 15 minutes of the show looking at my display and layout. Jackass move of the day: I didn't photograph it. Hopefully there will be another opportunity to participate in a lola event.

Sunday we got up at 8. Jason drilled the last holes in the display and I drank coffee and gathered everything :) Then off to Van Go at 10 to set up.

It was a great show. The level of work was great - had one person say that the stuff they were seeing looked like it could be in stores :) Lots of talented women in Lawrence. Overheard one of the ladies say that there were a lot of applications for the show - so I feel very privileged to have been accepted into the show. Many people took my business card so hopefully they'll check my etsy shop or contact me directly to buy in the future. I did hold a piece back for a guy, will contact him tonight or tomorrow if I can find his contact information in my crazy totes that returned from the show :) And per usual at art shows for me, I sold a small amount of work and received a huge amount of compliments :)

I'm not at all sure how to turn this part-time gig into a full-time gig...but that is my dream. I have a friend Jerry who is a master marketer and that's one of the pieces missing from my own business, the other hugely missing part is the business side: knowledge, management, tax sh*t...etc.

I am selling a couple of pieces a month at bon bon atelier on consignment which is really awesome. I've applied to a show in March at the ARC Gallery in Chicago - should here mid-January if I've been accepted or not. Based on the Prospectus I think my work would be perfect for the show, but there are often politics involved and it's the first show I've applied to since college where I didn't know someone or wasn't a member of the guild or something - so it will be interesting to see if I get accepted...I hope so :)

Anyway, if you are reading this and were at the lola Giant an want to contact me about any of my work or commission work, etc. Please leave a message here or email me at filthedesign at gmail dot com. I would love to hear from you.

Hope everyone gets at least few days off in the next few weeks and has a fabulous time with friends and family and a happy and prosperous new year!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

domestic | domesticated [triage set]

domestic | domesticated [triage set]
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art show | van go mobile arts | lola | update

been working to get ready for the last art show/sale of the season:
let me know if you need directions or more info - time is noon to 7pm 12/20/09

trying to figure out ways to frame things inexpensively - i think people prefer to buy their art ready to hang and my unframed work can require some serious consideration regarding the frame.

so my wonderful husband has been experimenting - i thought my eyeleted pieces could be "pinned" to a board with a hanger attached to the back pretty was easy in theory, but in execution required surface treatments and a closer look at the hardware used to attach the work. they look awesome!

he painted the boards red and then wiped it and distressed it a little so it looks a bit like a caricature of raw meat and the works in the domestic | domesticated series that i call "the triage set" look fabulous attached with rough, black carpet tacks. i have those in 5x7 & 8x10 - i hope they sell like mad because i love of course i hope others do too...

i'll post some pictures (especially if they don't sell)...

the pieces with patterns laid over the card stock - those washed out on the wood...still don't have a great framing option for them...have some ideas though.

i'd like to find some just dumb black quilted place mats that could be used as the frame itself or put into a frame or even attached to a block of wood like upholstering and old seat cushion or something...might have to ask my mom to help on that one :)

jason has also developed a display set-up and hanging system that should rock the framed pieces...

i'm really excited for the show...

and in addition to that i have new signage for pricing and i'll probably just use a sharpie on the back of the envelopes to price individual pieces and developed and printed just a basic little receipt - something that has my name, my company name, the date, and a place to fill in the item(s) purchased, how they paid and the transaction number...though i just realized i have a place to write in the date as well as the actual date since these are for the 12/20/09 LOLA GIANT specifically...bleh...oh well...

and i'll end this now before i start ranting about my "day job" and end up in a pickle!


Monday, December 14, 2009

slept for sh*t last night...

I need to stop drinking so much coffee so late in the day...which is pathetic as i don't drink THAT much, nor that late...

I [heart] coffee...could probably give up a lot of things in order to have coffee...and we have a sweet*a$$ espresso machine, how can you deny that!? :)

But last night, I thought sleep would never come...

There's more to it than coffee, but the other factors I can't currently change, so the coffee gets scapegoated...bleh...

Oh well, I'm working hard and trying to make some changes that will positively impact my life, my out look and ultimately my family.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

KC Free Press calendar event | LOLA GIANT | art show & sale

KC Free Press

You can see the details of the event by clicking on the link :)

I'll be selling my wares at the event - if you're in Lawrence stop by and say "hi" :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

1 in 4 (one in four)

i'm not sure i had an actual statistic in mind, but this one is pretty poignant:

1 in 4 college women have been raped/attempted rape

Thursday, December 3, 2009

the good parts of my day (because i can't really talk about the bad which is most of it):

• taking a shower
• a flattering wool skirt
• kissing my husband
• phone call from my kid
• realizing i still have a thermos of coffee
• friends

and...uh...think that's it!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

happy thanksgiving

hope everybody had one...

we went to my brother's and had the traditional turkey dinner and the kids jumped on the trampoline and played rock band as you can see below :)

we also had a basic turkey dinner at home on saturday with mashed taters and dressing. was a bit of a disaster undercooking the turkey but made it all work in the end :) and am loving the leftovers :) "turkey carver" sandwiches for me, open faced sandwiches for jason and john is pretty much over turkey and potatoes...till next year :)

i was fighting a cold and jason is it's been pretty low key for a while...

so that's that... :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

ric rac roundup 11/19 californos in westport, KC

ric rac roundup 11/19 californos in westport, KC
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i'll be there sellin'...
you should be there buyin'...


happy friday the 13th!

i married my husband on friday the 13th :)
happy anniversary to us! :)

full time fine artist for a week!

i'm so excited!
i'm taking a week off of work at my "day job" as a graphic designer to make art! :) i have an art fair - the ric rac roundup - november 19th at californos put on by bon bon atelier.

and i plan to spend the next week preparing.

my kid has a swim meet this weekend and i'll be officiating as a stroke and turn judge so the weekend won't be very flexible...but i do also hope to see an old friend play music at a local coffee shop saturday evening :)

then sunday night i'm going to clean the kitchen, a.k.a. my studio, and monday morning i'm going to wake up and print! and print! and print some more!

alphabet print cards
maybe even 33 1/3 rpm blocks
maybe even domestic | domesticated blocks

and i'm going to prep them to sell...OUT! :)
i'm hoping to earn xmas money :) so cross your fingers.

i'm also applying to an art show/sale in lawrence for 12/20 - could be a nice last minute cash influx...and i'm going to get my submittals off for at least 1 or 2 more gallery shows sent off next week!

oh and i forgot i'm also going to work on my "sketchbook project" sketchbook for art house

Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween story!

my kid is now 13, so this was 10 years ago :)
he was 3 and it was his first halloween trick-or-treating where he dressed up and went from house to house. we went to oklahoma to visit my aunt and uncle and their kids who are only a few years older than my son. john was dressed as cat in the hat - with a hat that was as tall as he was :) adorable! and our cousin, alex, was dressed up as barbie princess. she was 7 i think. anyway, we got ready to hit the street and alex put her mask on and went over to john and he FAH-REAKED! OUT!

it was hilarious :) she'd take the mask off and he was fine, put it on and he was in the fetal position in tears! i'm sure he doesn't remember it, i'll have to remind him :) it was one of the best halloweens ever :)

he was always so friendly and comfortable, and my aunt was very familiar with her neighbors so that was cool because john would walk up to every door and just walk right inside :)

i tried looking for an image of the mask, can't find one, but it's basically barbie with the eyes cut out - one of those thin hard plastic airbrushed numbers you buy at the store with a thin string of elastic to hold it on :) so funny :)

the other best halloween was 2 years ago, 6th grade. we took john and his best friend at the time, fedor, out trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood. and when we dropped fedor back at home his parents invited us in and we had cranberry infused vodka, a spiced wine, and some wonderful candies and treats and sat and talked :) they are from russia, moved here 12 years ago now. great people...i wish the boys would have gone to the same junior high...but alas, new friends to be made...