Thursday, April 30, 2009

today is my friday | yesterday was my monday :)

i like a 2 day work week...well 2 days at the "day job"...long enough to get my panties in a bunch, but at least i get another break tomorrow. i'll be finishing up my last piece for the art fair...and just mentally preparing. art fairs take a lot of energy. set-up is at 8am, doors "open" at 10am and close at 5pm so it's not a bad gig. traffic at the holiday art fair was down about 75% the guy at the booth next to me said...hopefully traffic on sunday is good. i think there are those who've fared the recession okay - managed to stay employed - and they're ready to act like we're on the back end of this thing. then there are those losing their homes and defaulting on their credit cards and are truly the casualties of this recession. makes me sick to think of all the sadness. i hope i sell lots and lots of work to reduce the chance of becoming a casualty.

i'll have the iphone in case someone wants to pay by paypal. credit card merchant accounts and a virtual terminal were more than i could handle. partly it's the start-up money. i know it's tax deductible and all that, but you still have to pay for it upfront.

so hopefully there's cash :)

i'll need to get a "bank" to give change.
print some more cards...ahhh this is the same list as before i think...

using the same displays that jason built from the holiday fair - just a slightly different configuration. spent 2 weeks worth of groceries on a canopy...well on credit. i hope i can find someone to do my taxes...bleh...

i hate money...but i don't want to worry about it anymore.

lotion | greenskeepers

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

notes to self...

• emergence piece for KU Natural History Museum - due 6/30 (?)
• Utrecht submission due 9/1/09 (up to 3 pieces)
• "quilt" square drop off at the guild gallery 4/30
• paypal pro account...?????????? TODAY!
• pick-up art at starbucks and from molly
• call for artists art guild @ library and 2nd show at gallery (find more info)

Monday, April 27, 2009

customize fabric a be tile

2 great links!

spoon flower - get your graphic printed on 100% cotton fabric for $18/yard

teeny tile 2" square tiles customized with your imagery for $5/tile

Thursday, April 23, 2009

robot onesie

robot onesie
Originally uploaded by MIKO DESIGN

i love this robot screen print by miko design

click on the image to go the flickr stream for miko design or click on the link above to go to the etsy store - great stuff! :)

etsy treasury | find out if your work is in one

if you have an etsy shop, this is a great link to see if your work is featured in a treasury. i think most people notify the sellers when they put their work in a treasury, but still - this is a pretty great search feature...


Sunday, April 19, 2009


we bought some perennials - grasses and flowering plants for our rings in front. and 6 tomato plants though we need six more. we'd planned all husky cherry tomatoes but home depot had none so we got 3 grape and 3 roma plants.

i'll take some before and after photos of our gardens :) we have a pretty small house with a pretty small yard, but we make the most of it :) we are also trying to grow grass...again... :) we don't have too many weeds, we've gotten rid of dandelions and wild onions over the years, but not crab grass - so that's the task this spring...i'm feeling confident :)

but today we're in topeka so we're going to check out lowes for husky cherry tomatoes

Thursday, April 16, 2009

great new project from art house coop

a million little pictures dot com

tell your friends!
it's a great group and a great project - you don't even have to be an artist or a photographer :)

DO IT! :)

subversive wife, mother, daughter, lover?

click the image to go to the listing in my store.
it's framed, signed and ready to hang.
it's linoleum block printmaking on a preprinted card stock with a linoleum block print on a dress pattern that's been overlayed and embroidered in layers.

it's pretty and it's layered and it's thought provoking :) take it home and enjoy! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

this one is a little more flowery...literally :)
i have better photos of the "leave it to beaver" box and then there are 2 that are packed up in totes that i can't access - much smaller...

and then there's one that has a mirrored background and it's very difficult to photograph...but hopefully more photos tomorrow :)


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

more ceramic work...
the piece on the left has pins in the middle, the center piece has a broken bottle, the right razor blades.

these pieces are from 2002...i'd forgotten about them till a potential opportunity to display 3D work arose. i'm not sure the venue is ready for ceramic vulvas assemblage :) but doesn't hurt to ask :)

art fair | canopy needed

anyone local to lawrence, ks?
close enough for me to make a morning's drive to get to you (from lawrence)?

do you have a canopy i can borrow?
my space is 10'x 10' but the canopy doesn't have to be that big.
ideally something people can walk up-right in :) and something w/o netting or netting that can be disappeared essentially :)

the fair date is 5/3, a sunday.

i could pay you a small rental fee.
please comment here or e-mail me at
filthedesign at gmail dot com

6x6 | the bourgeois pig

6x6 | the bourgeois pig
Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

6x6 | the bourgeois pig

6x6 | the bourgeois pig
Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

6x6 | the bourgeois pig

6x6 | the bourgeois pig
Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

group show at the pig

group show at the pig
Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

my work in the 6x6 show at the pig. the opening was last night, it was pretty cool. some work took me back to first semester of art school, but some work was really great. it was nice to see such diversity within the 6"x6" confines :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

freelance writer who loves arts and crafts?

a great opportunity to some extra dough:

handmade news is the news site for which is a site for selling and buying handmade wares (like but different - i'm still learning about them) but i follow them on twitter and hear more and more about artfire so it's worth checking out i think.

i wish i was more of a writer :)

and i think you have to have a login to even see the application, but registering is painless. so anyway, just thought i'd share, freelance money is often the sweetest :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

clip art

i think i need to start designing clip art. seems a lot of people search for it online. wonder if there's a way to capitalize on that...

6x6 | the bourgeois pig art opening 04.12.09

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

hope to see you there!
i believe i will have 3 pieces in the show.
they are in the domestic | domesticated series.
i'll be curious to see the 29 other artists works :)

wichita trip and starting a business...

i'm already a business owner to some degree with "filthEdesign"...wait, i'll start at the beginning...

went to drop off the piece below to my great friend robyn who commissioned the piece. she lives in wichita and she and her husband own a graphic design business that they started from scratch with the help of the wichita state small business development center. they had lots of great information to share and lots of positive energy. i also got to meet their 3 daughters and there are no words for how great they are :) their oldest was at least in part named after me which is a huge honor to me! she's sweet and kind and reminds me a lot of her mom :) and their middle daughter is intense and i'm thinking perhaps a genius...seriously...and their youngest is adorable and vivacious :)

anyway :) jason and i have just started to look through information...we'll need to fill out a form and then see if we can make an appt. for counseling with the lawrence small biz dev. group...hopefully they're awesome and we don't have to go to topeka or wichita to find help!

art and design will be our primary endeavors...jason excels at print design and collateral, architectural design, branding, and the like...

and then i'll cover fine art and graphic design as well...we'll probably need to find a developer to work with if we want to delve too far into web design...but i'd like to...

we've contemplated a storefront...if we can figure it out and get a grant to pay for it...

we also stopped for krispy kremes on our way out of town...i only regret we couldn't have stayed longer!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

a slightly better photo of the 9 square "quilt" i made for my wonderful friend robyn :)

today is about sharing :)

i'm not a quilter, but my mother is...and i do think the art of traditional women's crafts has influenced my work. i did crochet, crosstitch and candlewick when i was young...and i like how knitting is becoming so hip and the subversive crosstitch is is great :)

and the history of quilts is amazing, i'd like to learn more...

here is a link to a story about joanne's fabrics censoring an issue of "quilter's home" magazine - it's a great read in addition to showing a great selection of edgy quilts

iowa court voids gay marriage ban!

the NY Times article

and the court's decision was unanimous! this is a huge step! :)

love shuttle | get on board!

my friend jerry is writing songs and they're fun, above is the first of many to come, listen and share! subscribe to his youtube channel to hear more as they're produced :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

i think this is the photo i'm going to submit for the kansas city art institute alumni art auction catalog. if my photo/piece is good enough it will be included in the preview guide. it's a school of artists so i'm not holding my breath, but regardless i am hopeful :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

improv everywhere | gallery opening

this is the best :)

click on the photo to read the full story. it's genius, it's awesome, it's hilarious :) i've read a couple of their improv stories now and they are amazing down to the finest details. this one in particular is choice because of their location.


etsy treasury | filthEdesign

if you're unfamiliar is a great source for all things art, craft, vintage and handmade. their home page features a matrix of pieces picked by etsy users called a treasury. a link that better explains the treasury is here.

andrea selected one of my pieces to be in her treasury. it's a great opportunity for more visibility and it's just nice to know someone likes your stuff :) anyway, the link to the listing:


the more clicks and comments it gets, the better chance it has of making the home page (i think.)

is there someone out there who could take a screen shot and e-mail it to me? at work i have a firewall and can't access it and otherwise, my internet is mobile and therefore no flash player...i would really appreciate it :) my e-mail is filthedesign at gmail dot com...please and thank you! :)