Friday, January 8, 2010

i've stumbled...2 days sans art projects...

in my defense i sit at a computer all day designing and production arting work for the man. and then of course that argument totally holds up for the other side, i make stuff all day for someone else, take a few minutes of my time to make something for me, the artist...

analog is an interesting theme...
i like most art/doodles of cassette tapes.
and legos, saw some cool sketches of legos somewhere.
i should like, collect those images and links in a blog or something :P

so anyway, i was looking at this great business card site, really great!

and found the business card That Kate Creates and went to her etsy store and saw this awesome piece and only $5! though i thought she was from KC but she is from London :)

You can click on the image to get to her store and check her other awesome hand drawn shrinky dink brooches. Great stuff :)

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