Monday, January 11, 2010

new year | new something...

This past weekend involved 3-days of swim meet. It was in Topeka so I got to sit in the crowd and cheer for my kid like a regular parent :). But it does tend to dominate your weekend. Luckily it's winter and there's still lots of snow on the ground so I'm not sure what else I'd be doing...well I would be arting, but it's cool.

John got best times in 7 out of 9 events, one event he hadn't swam before so no time to beat and the other he took time off his last swim, but not off his best time ever in the event. He is 2 one hundredths of a second from breaking a minute on his 100 Free which is very exciting :) He's gone 58 secs. in practice, but not in a time :)

Other things I'm planning for the week are:
Grocery shopping - yeah seems like not a big deal, but with the economics of it all one has to start implementing strategy into the exercise.

On Wednesday I should hear if I'm accepted (or not) into the ARC Gallery's Materiality show in March :) I think my work is perfect for it, but one of my application photos was not that great and then I'm still very much on the "emerging" side and not really established at all...anyway, cross your fingers. :)

John has a Science Olympiad meet in Platte City on Saturday. We have no idea what this entails or means in any way...but we fully support his interest and abilities in science and math!

I also plan to officiate at the All-Stars meet this Sunday at the Lawrence pool...which should be a decent time. The best swimmers from the surrounding LSCs in the 14 and under age group - so no DQs based on inability or not knowing a stroke at least :) And ultimately the more you see it swam correctly, the more you can recognize an incorrect stroke/turn. I might also see what's involved to be a starter...a clinic and some shadowing, but when...

I also need to think on a piece for my awesome friend Bobbi. We got together for lunch when she was here over the holidays and she asked me to do a piece to celebrate her new found freedom and independence! :)

Also, if you look to the right you can see the Facebook badge if you want to fan me as an artist :) Right now I'm my only fan :) baby steps :)

The other thing I want to be doing is exercising more. I started my food diary again today - will try to keep my calories under 1500 and try to stop eating so many empty carbs. That in association with exercise will help me to be healthier I think. I went to the rec center by our house and one of the treadmills was empty, so i walked 3 miles - it was good. Hopefully I'll be ready to run again once the snow melts and I am not at the mercy of the availability of 2 treadmills open to the entire public. The day after my great workout, it snowed again and all parks and rec services closed for a day. But based on the estimation of the treadmill, I'll burn 3-400 calories in 3 miles. All of which will ultimately increase muscle tone and burn fat...which is great considering I think I gained about 500 lbs. over the holidays...srsly...

Well I think that's all I need to document for right now...will serve sort of as my "to do" list...

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