Tuesday, August 17, 2010

internet in the 21st century...

Work has been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with the "me" stuff...this has it's pros and cons.

We are "this" much closer to internet at home - seems crazy that a household with 2 educated adults and a high school kid would be without internet. Our original plan was to get internet when we were closer to finished with our house remodeling. But then layoffs happened, and money got tight, then it got tighter and well...when you're already living close to the edge, it's hard to add things like a new monthly bill for internet in to the budget.

Anyway, what's great is I posted an ad on Larryville, a local source like CraigsList sort of...asking if anyone knew how to install phone jacks (we pulled ours when we redid the walls because who has an effing land line anymore?!?! We were certain the world would be totally wified by now). Jason knows how to do most electrical, and could probably have figured out the phone jack, but it's the box part that he wasn't sure about.

About 2 weeks after I posted (and forgot about it) I got a response! Someone offering to barter! Yeah, that's right! :) We can afford to barter :) He is local to the Lawrence area and he did it in under an hour and was so nice and showed Jason what to do if we needed to do anything to it in the future.

If you read this and need a phone jack or something electrical or network related, this guy can probably do it and he's quick, nice, fair and just a genuinely good guy. I will recommend - hit me up!

He also told us about a thing that Lawrence Freenet can do and to ask them. So I asked...and it's like we're so close to internet I'm having trouble waiting for a response, but then we've waited this long, what's another few weeks. If the answer is yes, I'll wait for weeks - but if the answer is no, AT&T has a special that I'd like to get in on.

So...the internet...good stuff :)

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