Monday, August 16, 2010


Not sure if I ever posted the "whole" story about my accident...

I was riding my 49cc scooter North on Kentucky. I was in the left lane and there were cars to my right and behind me. I was going probably 30, heading to a swim team dinner to kick off the championship season :)

The car to my right apparently forgot it was a 1-way street, looked and saw no one coming towards her so she went for the left at 7th which was directly in to me. Speeds were slower than if she'd been switching lanes, but I still went down pretty hard. Bruises everywhere from the waist down and road rash on the top of my right foot that oozed and burned and part of my cotton shoe had fused with my skin. It was pretty ugly and then my ankle was also twisted.

I was wearing a helmet (as I always do) but my glasses torked, hit my face and cut my eyebrow. When I picked myself up off the pavement, my eyebrow was bleeding so badly (as face wounds do) and the blood streamed right into my eye. It hurt and throbbed, I didn't know if I had hurt my actual eyeball. As a visual artist, I was scared, I couldn't see out of my right eye - only mental images of vitreous humor oozing down my cheek.

The girl who hit me came over with a towel and I used it to wipe my eye. Turned out it was simply the quantity of blood in my eye that caused the blurred vision. After cleaning up a bit, I could see :)

After the EMS people left and the cop issued a ticket to the other driver, Jason took me to the ER and I got x-rays of my ankle - no breaks. They cleaned up my wounds, fit me with a soft splint for the twisted ankle and crutches. I had to wear the gown home because I couldn't get my pants back on over the splint.

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