Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wii Fit Plus - do you use it?

Anybody out there use a Wii Fit for an actual workout schedule? With health and weight loss in mind as the goal? This Midwestern Snowpocalypse is killing me! Add that on top of a December that was spent with a ridiculous sickness...and I need to workout! I was solidly running (using the term loosely but still) 25-30 miles a week. And since Thanksgiving I've maybe run a total of 8 miles...and I am not in a position to join a gym, plus they're just not practical. One reason I like running is because the only equipment you need is a pair of good shoes....and really, good is subjective. But I guess that isn't entirely true since I have shoes but I'm not running. Anyway, just want to hear from people who genuinely use the Wii Fit for exercise...

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