Tuesday, January 27, 2009

scavenger project | art house gallery

here is a link to a post by steven of arthouse gallery with some photos from the scavenger project opening.

Friday, January 23, 2009

junior high orchestra concert

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the boys in band wore ties, the orchestra was sophisticated casual :) this is as close as i could get without risking total embarrassment, the boy's embarrassment - not mine...

the girl that might be his girlfriend - though he'd never admit it - plays cello...she wore chuck taylors with black pants...i think i like her :)

junior high orchestra concert

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before they turned the lights down as seen through my grandpa (john's great grandpa) and donna.

junior high orchestra concert | january 22, 2009

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john's orchestra concert was last night. he plays violin. i only had the phone for photos, but you can (almost) see him - the first violin in the first row to the left of the teacher.

secretary of the arts petition | sign it

read and sign the petition here

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inauguration day!

while you're waiting on more coverage, please click here and vote on my piece. thank you!!!

and have a great day! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

commission for robyn

commission for robyn
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this is the start of a commission i'm doing for a good friend. the layout is influenced by the notion of a quilt. the squares are 12x12 and there will be panels separating each square that are probably 2-3 inches wide. i still have a lot of work to do, but i do think it's progressing nicely... :)

exhibit schedule 2009

Starbucks, Lawrence, KS

Art House Gallery, Atlanta, GA

Museum of Design Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

The Bourgeois Pig, Lawrence, KS
March 2009 (exact dates TBD)

emily eakes | filthEdesign
in the news:

mystyle.com | links we love

Chic Geek: Neat (But Cheap) New Year Nesting

indelible show | colorado springs, co

Friday, January 16, 2009

twitter | follow me

i have added my twitter updates to the right navigation of this blog. i am sort of sporadic with my updates, but it's still kind of cool :)

and below is the piece that got nearly 200 hits in a few hours on 1/14...still not sure what happened (wish i could repeat what ever caused the influx in viewers!) :)
(click on the image to go to the etsy listing)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fierce and nerdy dot com is a blogozine with a bi-weekly style column

the column is called "chic geek". this week a piece from my etsy store is featured amongst delia's, the author's, picks for home decor items to "spruce up" you space affordably in the new year :)

very exciting i think!

click here to check out the article. i am item "l." in the "WALLS:" section :) - filth E design :)

the oddest thing though is when i went to my etsy shop earlier, one of my pieces had been viewed like 180 times, yesterday when i looked, it had been viewed 20 times. might be coincidental as it's not the piece in the column...very odd...in the good way :)

anyway - check out the article! please :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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I graduated from art school with a toddler and a degree in printmaking. I waited tables after; then got a job copying and assembling user manuals for pneumatic conveying systems. I was burnt on art and focused on survival. 12 years later and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m creating work and starting to show it. This is my first exhibition of 2oo9. It’s nothing grand, I’m sharing a venue with 7 other artists. But it’s the first show of many – my goal is to show in 10 new venues this year…despite my introverted nature and borderline social anxiety disorder. If you live in Lawrence, KS please stop by the Starbucks at 7th and Mass. to see my work in person. And as always I have work available for sale online at filthedesign.etsy.com.

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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Monday, January 12, 2009

art house co-op | atlanta, ga

the scavenger project exhibition and book release

click on the link for details, maps, times, etc. if you live in atlanta, ga i would suggest you check out the show. i will have at least one piece in the show and one in the book so you should look for my work.

the art house does a great thing with their projects that call for participation around the world. to quote their website -- we build projects and communities. you don't have to be an artist to participate, but as an artist, i think it's a great thing. they usually have a show (sometimes traveling) and sometimes a book that documents the project at the end of each project. i only discovered them through a co-sponsored project with design for mankind recently and january 23rd will be the exhibit of the project - the scavenger project.

i'm excited to see the book and only wish i lived closer to the ATL or had some airline miles to burn :) anyway, hopefully the shows a great success! :)

new years resolutions

both art related and personal...
• lose 30 pounds
• finish the commission for robyn by the end of february
(ideally by the end of january)
• show in 10 new venues/fairs
(i'm hanging art tonight and talking to another venue on saturday)
- starbucks
- the bourgois pig
- art in the park
- the phoenix gallery
- six gallery
- lawrence art walk
- art house 1/23/09 atlanta, ga
- 3 yet to be determined venues
• pay off credit cards
• drink more water

i think that's a good start :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

new pieces on etsy | possible valentine's day cards

i wish i had more readers...

especially when i have links to pimp like this one:

blog talk radio

the show to check out is Unobstructed hosted by Alaina Alexander
her website is here and that takes you to pretty much all things Alaina.

She is a strong and capable woman who tries whatever she wants and doesn't let failure stop her - she's pretty great :)

she's asked me to be in a podcast (more than once) and i need to stop being a freak and accept her offer and be glad it's a podcast and not a video! (i get red and blotchy when i'm nervous, anxious, excited, etc. and i don't talk in front of others well...even though this would be more of a conversation with Alaina and not speaking in front of people...or at least that's what i need to convince myself) :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

design for mankind | project time

click here for details on the project - basically it's designing a 4x6 postcard based on words of encouragement submitted over the winter to booooooom.

also the rebrand of the new edition of mankind mag is available for cheap! $1.99 for the electronic version - pick one up!

genuis rocket for illustrators and designers

here's a link for your bookmarks:
genius rocket

they have "assignments" that you can participate in with a creative brief and a payoff to the "winner". join the community, read the brief and submit your design or vote on the submissions available. it's an interesting idea on many levels especially for people who are looking to build their portfolios. it's sort of like project runway for graphic designers...but on a virtual stage.

the thing i don't like is "the winner gets paid" model. it undermines the hard work involved in designing logos and brands. there are several misconceptions about graphic designers (and artists) relating to skill and talent. the general public seems to think that anyone who owns a camera is a photographer...anyone who owns photoshop is a graphic designer...anyone who owns an easel and a palette of paints is an artist...and that includes fucking elephants...but i digress...

the other misconception is that artists HAVE to make art and therefore they'll make it free for friends, relatives or anyone who asks nicely...and i think there's some truth to that but art and design have been devalued in modern culture.

but regardless of feeling devalued, i'll probably sign up and take a stab at some designs for submission...am i perpetuating the problem or expanding my exposure...or both...we'll see...

and in other news...
my first appt. with the first of 3 venues i've approached is today at 1:15...wish me luck :) though this is the least likely venue to want my work on their walls...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

thanksgiving turkey

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forgot to post this gem :)

we are currently renovating our house from the slab and studs out. it's a monster undertaking that can be both devastating and rewarding and sometimes both at the same time!

anyway, we don't have a range yet in the kitchen - partly because the ones we like are out of our budget right now and partly because everything but the sink and the refrigerator in the kitchen is on wheels or can be easily moved around to work behind, over or under and this is a nice feature when you're renovating a house! a range would be just one more thing in the way more than it would be a valuable cooking tool right now.

so we ordered a "holiday feast" from target for thanksgiving dinner - we wanted to have our own turkey that we could pick at for days and days but obviously couldn't cook it at home...and target offers theirs fully cooked. but when we brought it home it was "pale"! instructions were to put it in the oven for 2 hours to brown and heat it! the turkey was far too big for our toaster oven so jason suggested the grill. i've also been known to grill frozen pizzas so why not :)

it turned out perfect and i had to get a photo to document the occasion :) we did the same thing for xmas too...the grill is a great cooking tool!

Monday, January 5, 2009

appt. with starbucks :)

i forgot my camera this morning...will hopefully remember this afternoon. i have some more work to post to etsy this week.

i have an appt. to talk to the manager at starbucks about showing my work there - i will pick pieces that are more "pretty" and less subversive to show. they currently have 7 artists' work up so hopefully they have room for one more :)

and i have sent e-mails to a local gallery/storefront and another coffee shop/venue - to the art decision makers about selling in the gallery and showing in the coffee shop. i hope they both love my work! :) i hope all three do, but starbucks is by far the least likely.

otherwise i'm back to work today after 12 days off :) it was a lovely break. it went by way too fast though and i accomplished much less than i'd planned. i have had some new ideas for the commission piece i'm working on for robyn. hopefully i can get some serious work done on that in the next couple of weeks...

happy 2oo9 too you!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

out of my comfort zone

I'm terrible at PR and selling myself but today and yesterday I stopped in at three venues and got contact information to make appts to show the decision makers my work and see if I can show and/or sell at their venues :)

now to make the appts...

I can show one manager tomorrow...need to email the other two...