Tuesday, March 31, 2009

kcai alumni art auction donation piece

Uploaded - 3\30\09
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this is it laced into it's frame. i need to relace the frame laces tonight because the knotty side of the frame should be the bottom - NOT the left - totally random :) i was just so excited to see it in it's finality, i didn't even pay attention. luckily i do the lacing with knots that can be retied! :)

it turned out so well though...it's sitting on our coffee table which is galvanized metal - i will shoot it on a white background for the show guide submission.

but i am extremely pleased with how it turned out. i'll have better photos including some details later - this was a phone shot with me on a step stool looking over it on the galvanized table :) i think the subtlety of the colors is totally lost in this shot, the muted red is nice, but the blue behind the dress is too washed and the embroidery border of the dress pattern square is a dirty gold that you can't see hardly at all...

anyway, it turned out well - i hope it sells for $150 at least...i think that's my asking price for any others i might produce.


Monday, March 30, 2009

sometimes i google myself :)

they are mostly just listings from blogs about the opening at the pig...but still cool to see :)



the pitch

sonic spectrum | present magazine | free form radio

if you don't live in the KC area (or even if you do) and you love good, eclectic, sometimes obscure, indy, etc. check out sonic spectrum on 96.5 FM saturdays at 6pm or listen to the podcast by clicking the link :)

a great etsy find

Saturday, March 28, 2009

6x6 series

Uploaded - 3\28\09
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I'm submitting 3 to a show at the pig (where i'm currently showing solo) and figured I'd print and embroider 20 or so while I'm at it :)

the deadline is april fools day :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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my donation to the kcai alumni auction in progress...still need to construct the frame, put in the eye hooks and lace it to the frame...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

john | track meet 03.26.09

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he's on the left :) he always wears skate shoes so it's a little bit weird (in the good way) :) to see him in running shoes and a track uniform :)

he complained that the shorts were too short, which is totally generational...he needs to watch the will ferrel basketball movie again and see some pics of us in the 80s :) the boys wear soccer shorts at his school, literally...umbras...and the girls wear regular running shorts.

it's too bad we didn't have john watch the track and field part of the olympics this year - especially the jamaicans...anyway, i think he'd be surprised to see the teeny bikini bottoms shorts the olympic runners wear :)


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fun with the iphone at the cold cold jr. high track meet

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

kcai alumni art auction

i printed the dress, i have a biohazard already printed on a dress pattern that works perfectly...then i cut the border strips and set the 88 eyelets (22 on each) for them. i need to set another 44 eyelets in the dress print...and embroider the dress pattern to the dress print.

jason agreed to make the frame :) he said "of course, it's pretty much 'contractual' at this point" :) that he help me with my art where i need him :) so hopefully i can have it embroidered by the weekend, then stain the frame on friday or saturday and then set the eye hooks in the frame and lace everything on sunday :) yay :)

the piece will be very cohesive, the dress is printed on a blue, wallpaper card stock and then a deep red for the border strips and then the pattern is like a filthy white and then the biohazard is printed in white - so it's kind of a folksy americana feel and then the border of the pattern will be embroidered with a dark golden embroidery floss that conjures feelings of the flag, golden tassels and all :) the americana feel was jason's :)

then i just have to get a good photograph. which at that point i'll have 4 days to get a good shot, then do any post-production to make it better :) and then submit my donation! :) i'm very excited. we also have the opportunity then to go to the auction - 2 tickets are provided to artists who donate work :) should be "gala casual" :P

the best part is i will get my piece published in the auction catalog and a chance at being included in the sneak preview guide that will, i think, be published in the KC star...but also KC critics and art world people will be invited to a sneak peak the night before the auction. so who knows...more visibility than i would have had the day before...so that can't be bad...

life | track meet

today is my son's first track meet. he is running sprints and the 100 meter dash and then he wants to do the long jump and the high jump, but he might run the 200 meter. the max is 4 events. it was also a struggle this morning to get him to take a 2nd bag for track stuff...so he'd be warm and would be less likely to lose stuff! 13 man...they think they know more than somebody who's been there and is trying to help them!

he's totally a teenager :) i'm just hoping he makes it through with enough experience and independence to appreciate his parents on the other side! :) and to of course be a good man who does good.

the teenage years (though i've only JUST started them) are f'ed up. you get very little return on your investment and the only reason they see the light of day sometimes is because you've already put 13 years worth of blood, sweat and tears into their development :) he's a very good kid overall...it's just frustrating some times...

i look forward to seeing him run today though...maybe i'll get some nice action shots :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

great links to check out

rat haus art projects
The Rathaus is our online “council house” working to inform, educate and inspire further discussion of issues affecting our globally connected community. With a focus on culture, communication and art and design The Rathaus works to document local, national and international ideas.

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Cutique features cute handmade goods from indie designers. We serve up an assortment of clothing, accessories, journals, toys, paper goods, bags, stuffies, wallets and more. Cutique is not a retailer, but merely a portal to help you find cool things. When you see something you like, just click the product image or the "buy now" link and you will be transported to the website that has the item available for purchase.

cafe hand made
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KCAI alumni art auction 2009

i need another frame...i'm going to take a 12" square i've already printed and then lace it with the 2" red borders and then lace that to the frame - a 1 square version of the "quilt" i made for robyn...

this will be my donation to the kcai alumni art auction. i have to submit the form, and a 300dpi image of the piece by april 3rd in order to get mentioned in the pre-auction stuff and then the image gives me a chance at getting in the "sneak preview" published piece :)

i think this is do-able, it will just require probably a full saturday or sunday for finishing. the paper stock and the patterns are already printed i'm pretty sure...just need to embroider them together - set some eyelets - drill pilot holes for eye hooks - and lace...

well and make a frame, but i'm hoping my husband will be willing to do that part...oh and that will need to be stained...hmm...if we can get that done by the weekend or on saturday at least, then i can work on it sunday...i hope jason's game :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

new for work... intuos 3 | 6x8

new for work...
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i asked for one at work...
i've never used a graphics tablet before, but i think with my fine art background and the possibility of engaging in "hand work" on the computer, i might just love it :)

or hate it...seems most are at one end of the spectrum or the other...

i have serious deadlines this week so i don't know if i'll get to give it a test drive, but if anyone has any suggestions or hints for getting started - feel free to pass it along :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

to do list

to do list
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photo shoot and the other great thing

i get to direct a photo shoot for my "day job" where i'm a graphic designer/art director/whatever. i'm a little nervous about doing a good job, i've never been on a photo shoot though i have been on 2 video shoots. i'm going to talk to john johnston because he's really good and we went to art school together...but it also depends on where our clients' facilities are as they will need to be location shots - equipment in use in a commercial facility.

first we're putting together a shot list and compiling images we like that we find in magazines and on the web. then we'll talk specifics about style and narrow our list. i hope i get to travel somewhere :)

and the other thing from february that i totally forgot to mention - that's the month i met my husband :) just over 5 years ago :) it's so weird...february...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

february into march

happy st. patrick's day for all the irish and not :)

RIP: rachel chan

february is a month of history for me...
in chronological order...
my dad died
my grandma died
my great-grandma died
i terminated a pregnancy
i had a baby
i left my babydaddy
i think i'm forgetting something...but that's a lot for a single individual over the course of 15 years...
i haven't had anything MAJOR happen in february since 1999 though...whew...and *knock on wood*...
except of course the major event every year in february - my son's birthday :)

and i firmly believe in learning from the past and focusing on enjoying the present and looking toward the future...but i always remember...and then february goes by and it's the wearing of the green and the remembering of rachel, my high school best friend at the time...we were both artists, we both worked at chick-fil-a...she's the first person i told when i had sex for the first time :), ahh the memories...birkenstocks, sting in concert, concrete blond...

her parents still take out a memorial ad on st. patrick's day every year in the local paper i think...i need to find the portrait i did of her to post...will show my high school drawing skillZ as well as an amazing likeness to rachel :)

anyway, enjoy the green beer! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

chema madoz | le reve des objets

chema madoz | le reve des objets
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a view from my space at work...it's a postcard that I love...picked it up at the Denver museum of art

Monday, March 2, 2009

emily eakes | filthEdesign

Emily Eakes aka filthEdesign, is an emerging artist with a degree in printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute. She engages in a variety of mediums that include graphic design, oil paints, relief prints and embroidery. Her current series of work is called Domestic | Domesticated. With the use of patterns, layers and embroidery, Emily combines symbols to evoke a reexamination of "women's work." Emily has recently shown in Lawrence, Colorado Springs and Atlanta, GA. She has also been a featured artist on MyArtSpace.com, FierceandNerdy.com and MyStyle.com. You can learn more about her projects and exhibits by visiting filthedesign.blogspot.com or shop her onlie store at filthedesign.etsy.com.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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I have finished the commission...I was going to give it to robyn and let her frame it...however I have designed a frame and have yet to produce it...so another 2 weekends I think...


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we haven't even started renovating the exterior...which is why you get a black and white photo...I hate blue vinyl siding!

but the icicles were severe! :)