Sunday, May 31, 2009

prbably shouldn't have...

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I was so hungry!

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paper crane

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this was hanging from a tree in the garden :) it's a hand written advertisement - got my attention :)

Japanese style garden

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there's a Japanese style garden downtown and we scootered around town yesterday looking at gardens and stopped downtown for the best burgers and beers so we HAD to walk around for a while so we checked out the garden again and this tree had the most amazing bark - silvery :) I think it was a birch but I don't know...

we have Japanese red maples in the front yard and have talked about planting bamboo as a screen between us and neighbors (may just have to straight up do a privacy fence though)...

but we've also started talking about one of those yards with local plants, grasses and bushes and mulch around that - less grass...which would hopefully mean less crabgrass :P and less water and resources...will take some considering...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

more with art and design | call for artists

this is an interesting site i ran across through the tweet deck search function for "call for artists" - it calls for artists and designers to submit their work and then there is a challenge - one artwork displayed against one design piece. it calls for the individual to define themselves which is interesting to me...i am an artist, but my day job is as a graphic designer...i'm not sure i think one is exclusive of the other...but i guess it's an interesting concept. the design work is more likely to be the more confusing of the two from what i've seen so far. i think i'm going to submit my framed/laced pieces...and just see...

kcai art and design auction 2009 catalog

got the catalog in the mail - i think my photo turned out nice :) would have like to have the opportunity to color correct it just a little - it was a bit yellow on the page, but not too bad. i'll take a photo and poster later :)

very cool to see my work in a catalog - i never have before. i also e-mailed to rsvp for myself and my husband - we get complimentary entry to the affair because of my donation. i also underpriced the piece - i have it listed about $50 higher when i try to sell it, but ultimately the photo doesn't do it justice - the nuances of the embroidery and the pattern overlay is lost in the photo - the striking part is the lacing.

another cool thing of late is that i was invited to participate in an art/craft fair in westport, kc by the bon bon atelier which is a pretty cool shop that is highly regarded by several women i went to college with. i can't attend because john has a Div.II championship meet that weekend and i'll be officiating. but one of the owners asked if i'd be interested in a consignment deal because she likes my work so much! :) very exciting. and pretty awesome considering i've been knocking on doors here in lawrence trying to get into a retail venue but i'm too "hip and edgy" :) yeah, i know, it's a compliment :) so yeah, totally excited :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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this one will be on display at the lawrence library, 7th and vermont, in june.

it's 24"x24 inches
black dress lino cut printed on card stock
white biohazard linocut printed on dress patter
the 2 layers are embroidered together along the edge of the pattern and the edge of the apron on the dress
eyelets are set on the edges of each component and then they are laced together in the frame set with eye hooks.

$200 + shipping
e-mail filthedesign at gmail dot com if you're interested
thanks :)

domestic | domesticated

domestic | domesticated
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6x6 "quilt" square
eyelets for easy hanging
linoleum block print on dress pattern embroidered to red paisley card stock.

$35 + $5 shipping

e-mail filthedesign at gmail dot com if you're interested :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

build your own font easy!

this is a very cool site, i've only registered and messed around a little - haven't actually built my own font, but you should check it out :)



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

i need recipes | and i've lost 2 lbs.

i don't really count weight loss till i'm over 10 lbs as mine can fluctuate as much as 7 lbs in any given day! so i'm back to trying to walk/run daily, 2-3 miles, and eat fewer carbs and lower fat...summer makes it easier with the availability of fruit and vegetables in my own garden and at the farmers market and even the produce in the grocery stores is more tasty and attractive in the spring/summer/fall...

we've been eating salads 2-3 times a week and low carb pasta and soy burgers instead of beef. chix tacos or enchilladas are a staple and we get a lighter frozen pizza when we do...then deli turkey sandwiches and low carb tortillas. we also do smoothies with hummus and chips and salsa. all good things...but i'm looking for some easy diversity in our menu...anyone?

do you have a recipe to share with me?

please :)

main dishes
side dishes
even low fat/cal desserts :)

i know salads and fresh fruit are obvious - but do you make a particularly great salad?

oh i know what else we do that i love!
we do bruschette with garden fresh pesto and tomatoes :) love...
and i love fresh 7 layer dip! the only thing in that we really grow are tomatoes, and we still have a few weeks before they're ripening, but i'm looking for other recipes for sure!

thanks! :)

ready to ship for mother's day

hand carved dress linoleum block printed on a colorful paper stock with a hand carved egg beater linoleum block printed on a dress pattern and layered over the dress print and the two are embroidered together.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

social networking is the best!

i've reconnected with an amazing number of friends from my past on facebook. it's cool to see how many people you've impacted and remember the impact such great people had on you :)

a friend gave me the names of a bistro/gallery in desoto, kansas that shows local artists and she has connections to a gallery in houston. i'm hoping i will have the opportunity to show at both venues...only wish i was selling enough art to be a full-time artist - it's hard to find the time to coordinate art shows when i'm working a graphic design day job, raising a 13 year old, spending time with my husband in addition to actually making the art...

but here are the links to the 2 great venue opportunities :)

bleu tomato

bering and james

trying a new oatmeal today...yum!

trying a new oatmeal today...yum!
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started running again yesterday...twice around the cemetary...even though i ate a serving+ of baked steak fries - even though we bake them i'm sure they're injected with oils and fat to taste super yummy! oh and the running is becoming more and more crucial as the bullsh** factor at my day job continues to rise.

exciting stuff i know...but i need to get back on track with daily exercise and eating lower fat and lower carbs. i'd like to lose 15 lbs in the next 2 months!

to do | note to self

get artwork back up at starbucks - sign new contract
submit work to the 1109 gallery for the next 2 shows
"emergence" piece for ku (ceramic vulvas?)
pay son's guitar teacher(!!!)
5/14 - going away party for son's swim coach
5/26 - swim parents meeting
shoot new work for
donate give-away to
send art to ReadyMade mag
send art to beautiful decay mag
6/5-6/7 - topeka swim meet
6/6 kcai alumni art auction
update resume
update graphic design portfolio

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

art in the park juried winners TBA

the art guild prez just wrote me back and said the winners were announced at the fair but most couldn't hear over the loud speaker. i'm guessing this means i didn't win :) i didn't expect to, but i am curious who did...

i also believe there are politics involved - no one could possibly win their first year...that may not be true, but i'm guessing it is...

i also wonder if there's a particular medium that tends to win or a particular subject matter...i'd also guess right off that guns and biohazard symbols don't top the list :) i could totally be wrong...

but hopefully i'll know more tomorrow! :)

cinco de mayo

happy cinco de mayo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

perfect mothers day gift :)

art in the park | display

art in the park | display
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got lots of great compliments on my work overall. lots of people picked up cards which contain my contact info and my etsy store. now i just need to shoot more work for the etsy store and make sure to shoot it better.

filthEdesign etsy store

i'm also going to try sending some pieces to various magazines like ReadyMade and Beautiful Decay along with a resume of my shows and art and just see what happens.

if you know of anyone that i should send my work to for possible publicity, please let me know :) thank you...

art in the park | display

Uploaded - 5\4\09-1
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the clothes pins were life-savers with the breeze - it wasn't really enough to even call it wind - the pieces are just light :)

33 1/3 rpm panel

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just a nice angle of the panel with the 33 1/3 rpm series

art in the park | display

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the hoops on the right panel are scooted to the outside because of the breeze. the pieces are pretty light and delicate to i engineered clothes pins to keep them on the line and location was important :) that was later in the day it worked out decently enough. the displays themselves are awesome - infjdesign originals :)