Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kcai art and design auction 2009 catalog

got the catalog in the mail - i think my photo turned out nice :) would have like to have the opportunity to color correct it just a little - it was a bit yellow on the page, but not too bad. i'll take a photo and poster later :)

very cool to see my work in a catalog - i never have before. i also e-mailed to rsvp for myself and my husband - we get complimentary entry to the affair because of my donation. i also underpriced the piece - i have it listed about $50 higher when i try to sell it, but ultimately the photo doesn't do it justice - the nuances of the embroidery and the pattern overlay is lost in the photo - the striking part is the lacing.

another cool thing of late is that i was invited to participate in an art/craft fair in westport, kc by the bon bon atelier which is a pretty cool shop that is highly regarded by several women i went to college with. i can't attend because john has a Div.II championship meet that weekend and i'll be officiating. but one of the owners asked if i'd be interested in a consignment deal because she likes my work so much! :) very exciting. and pretty awesome considering i've been knocking on doors here in lawrence trying to get into a retail venue but i'm too "hip and edgy" :) yeah, i know, it's a compliment :) so yeah, totally excited :)

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