Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

drawing commission

it fell through...i have a feeling it was price, but what can you do - i'm pretty cheap :)

i have some other things going on i can't talk about until i know more...but in the meantime i'm working on my A,B,C series...

i also dropped off my piece for the art center show - if you're local to lawrence, ks - please stop by the opening reception:

Saturday 7/25 | 7pm - 9pm
Lawrence Art Center
940 New Hampshire
Lawrence, KS 66044

the show will be up until 8/21 if you can't make the opening.

also on 7/25 is the Ric Rac Roundup at bon bon atelier in westport (KC) - you can see my work live and in person inside the store! :) very exciting :)

this weekend is the DII championship swim meet so i couldn't participate in the art/craft fair...but hopefully will be able to do the next one and with a new series depending on timing! :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

to do list...

• take art in for all members show at the lawrence art center today + fee
• respond to carey with date and time options - tomorrow
• discuss drawing commission - tomorrow
• DII swim meet this weekend
• review portfolio - tonight
• tae kwon do @ 8pm - tonight
• remind guitar teacher no less on sunday this week
• 7/27-7/31 photoshop daycamp for the boy
• jer is in town 7/31-8/2

my brain feels fried...

Monday, July 20, 2009

C is for cat | lino block carved

A, B and C have turned out well...
D is for doll
E is for egg
F is for farm
G is for garden
H is for house
and i have most of them figured out except U, X, Y & Z i think...

i think the fine art prints will be one thing and then the blocks might also have a "handmade" relevance as maybe i'll get a sewing machine and make coin purses with letters printed on them...or something that people might be more likely to buy :)

i don't want to sacrifice the vision or the art, but i am thinking broader now into what might sell...i'd love for someone to fall in love with my work and either hire me to design for their line (of whatever!) or decide to mass produce one of my designs...but i wouldn't know how to begin to make that happen except to just create - put it out there - see what happens...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

B is for book

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A is for atom

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john & jason

john & jason
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before the break

before the break
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the bar

the bar
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dr. suess tree

dr. suess tree
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gorgeous sky on a walk

gorgeous sky on a walk
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the book store

the book store
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cocktail hour

this evening we are getting together with some of my old friends from the days of church :) i'm not into church, religion or anything of the sort...i think religion is a social convention and it's great for people who desire that kind of a social outlet...personally, i'll stick to cocktails every few weeks with friends and facebook :) but i do have a religious history...

my dad went to seminary, he was to be the priest in the family and pray everyone into heaven. i don't know the details, but he dropped out of seminary :) this makes me think that my dad and i would have been great friends :)

i was raised catholic. i remember my first penance where i lied to the priest because in 2nd grade i didn't really fancy myself a sinner. i remember my first eucharist and discovering that i like red zinfandel. my dad died when i was 10 and a little over a year later we moved to the town where both my parents had grown up. my mom was no longer satisfied with the catholic church so we started trying out all kinds...we finally settled on a covenant church which i believe is an off-shoot of lutheran but i don't really know the nuances of prodestant religions...

youth group was a great experience for me even though i don't now, nor did i then, really buy into the whole "power of the holy spirit" type stuff. however, i got the chance to visit san diego, tiajuana, chicago and we also built houses in mexico on the other side of the texas border. while i could never carry a bible along the beaches and "spread the word", i loved building houses, but i did it on behalf of goodness and selfish experience...

so anyway, this evening i'm getting together with a former youth leader and 2 former youth group peers. i've seen ryan and shad once each i think since high school and russ dropped off the face of the earth for a while - heard rumors he was holed up in a cabin in the mountains after his divorce...but whatever happened he seems great now, remarried and has 1 or 2 babies. i'm looking forward to seeing them :) and finally we're old enough to have an adult beverage with russ :) i think he's about 6 years older than us...though i think shad and i are a year older than ryan...but what's a year when you're in your mid-thirties... :)

anyway, that's my plan for the evening...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

to do list

my brain feels a little fried...i need a working list...

• call home depot, cancel install (not delivery) of range
• put john's art class in the calendar (don't forget) wk of 7/27-31
• velvet painting - doll parts???
• lino blocks a,b,c...
• find imagery for backgrounds of a,b,c series
• don't forget tae kwon do tonight 8pm
• take john to movie @ 2:30 today
• LAC art drop off 7/22 (tuesday)
• downtown art walk 7/25 (friday)
• LAC reception 7/26 (saturday)
• maintain etsy store
• new series
bon bon atelier
• draft fine art resume/cv
• wave the wheat swim meet 10, 11, 12 - stroke & turn official
• check out shehive
• more call for artists submissions

the 4th | watson park, lawrence, ks

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6 images in 1! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

the last band

the last band
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before the fireworks...

i have a few iphone shots of that too :)


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he looks good in his fedora :)
trying to get a photo is nearly impossible :)
hanging out with his parents downtown at the fourth of july festival...

behind him is the bass player for truckstop honeymoon taking a break to breastfeed her teeny baby :)

4th of July

4th of July
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it was a gorgeous day downtown listening to the live music...watching the people...drinking the local brew...

the oprah effect : we take the cake

we take the cake

it's cool to see what kind of effect oprah can have on a business :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009