Monday, July 20, 2009

C is for cat | lino block carved

A, B and C have turned out well...
D is for doll
E is for egg
F is for farm
G is for garden
H is for house
and i have most of them figured out except U, X, Y & Z i think...

i think the fine art prints will be one thing and then the blocks might also have a "handmade" relevance as maybe i'll get a sewing machine and make coin purses with letters printed on them...or something that people might be more likely to buy :)

i don't want to sacrifice the vision or the art, but i am thinking broader now into what might sell...i'd love for someone to fall in love with my work and either hire me to design for their line (of whatever!) or decide to mass produce one of my designs...but i wouldn't know how to begin to make that happen except to just create - put it out there - see what happens...

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