Monday, September 28, 2009

another day another list

can't figure out how to enter my training hours into the usa swimming officials section :) nice...

the boy got grandma's lawn mowed, met my sister's dog and had a decent visit...

got a haircut, it was tragic at first, but now it's fine - it's just REALLY short, which i like, but i don't quite have "heroin chic" aesthetic to really pull it off...but after i washed the helmet shape from it, i was (am) pleased...should probably take another pic and update my profiles...

was looking through the CCS catalog over the weekend and i just really like skater company designs - i would LOVE to design skateboards and t-shirts...might try to incorporate some of the elements into my design work...

for starters i should have a banner here at the very least, and can probably use that at etsy as well...

i'm going to make t-shirts of my current lino block set, the alphabet, i'll post them when i have them ready...i think they'd make cute onsies, but we'll see if anyone's buyin'...

the "emergence" show, someone pointed out that the angle is technology...and i went in with a totally different angle...all emergence, but we were each having trouble seeing what the other was seeing or i'm guessing i won't get in that show.

there's a show with a december deadline that i think my work is PERFECT's in chicago too so if get accepted, i might actually be able to go to the opening :) might even ask jerry for help since he will be visiting topeka a lot between now and then i'm on shipping costs hopefully :)

i did get images for all but "Y is for yo-yo" - i don't know yet on that one...still need to work them, but i think i might be printing for realz this next weekend. or soon anyway...there's an art fair mid-november and another early december...i'd like to have the new series for them.

anyway, better get back to drinking my weight in water so this scratchy chest thing doesn't turn into anything real!

on that note - tip of the day: drink a glass of water everytime you go to the bathroom (this means you're going to the bathroom more and therefore drinking more!)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

to do list

• enter swim official training hours in system
• get a haircut (though i'm tempted to cut it myself)
• arrange for john to mow grandma's lawn
• find background imagery for
- G is for glasses
- L is for love
- O is for owl
- S is for star
- U is for umbrella
- X is for x-ray
- Y is for yo-yo
- Z is for zipper
• try out xerox transfer methods and substrates
• turn alphabet into photoshop brushes
• t-shirt designs
• apply to "call for artists"
- which means taking some good photos of my work

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flower Box

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

I need a strong statement relating my piece to the call for artists/prospectus for an upcoming show. Any feedback/critique is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Flower Box Statement:

Flower box is an exploration of hand built ceramics and assemblage. The piece engages the viewer as it is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking. It relates to the emergence phenomenon on both a literal and conceptual level. Flowers are a symbol of spring, literally emerging from the soil – Spring emerging from Winter, life emerging from death. The conceptual reference is that of the mother, the flowers and leaves resemble the woman’s form from which new life is borne.


Prospectus: Emergence

Artists are invited to submit completed works of art involving emergence phenomena. Emergence refers to the complex systems, properties, and patterns that arise from the self-organization of smaller parts. The term can also denote an individual divergence from a collective. Emergence occurs across many disciplines, including the biological and social sciences, mathematics, computer science, and physics. Appropriate artwork will explore the many emergent phenomena that exist, from computer software to patterning to design closure.

Selection Criteria:
• Quality of composition and artistic skill displayed.
• Knowledge displayed about the topic. A strong knowledge of the topic promotes a bold, engaging connection with the viewer.
• Work furthers the vision of the project – to explore emergence and its relationships to art or science or make an original statement about the issues/concepts surrounding emergence.
• Originality and creativity of proposed work.
• Work is appealing, interesting, or thought-provoking to viewers that visit the Natural History Museum - visitors that come without expecting to see art.
• Work is structurally sound, requires minimal maintenance, and is safe for installers and visitors.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sunflowers on my walk

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another photo from my walk...the iphone takes some pretty decent photos in daylight. it's a 3G, not a 3Gs or would be rad, but even though i have an iphone, i'm not a phone whore who upgrades any chance i get...i still have 10 or so months on this contract and i may even re-up with the same phone assuming it's still functional (which it better be!)

didn't get to walk was halloweeny in lawrence. drizzling rain, chilly, really overcast...the kind of day you want to cuddle in bed, rising only to eat things like chili or stew...

hy-vee has really reasonably priced steaks and they had asparagus (my favorite vegetable) on sale so we had that for dinner yesterday. i like cooking on the grill when it's wet actually, the big drops that fall from the roof make a sizzling sound when they hit the closed grill lid :) though the downside is you pretty much have to cook with the lid down, which i do not prefer for steaks. i undercooked the steaks though, well the boy's was perfect (also thinner and wider, ours were taller with a smaller diameter) so i ate a rare steak instead of my preferred was good...i may start ordering rare going forward...

i'm working on my new series, it's just moving slow because i'm using imagery that's NWS (not work safe) and i can only print it at work :) and i've been working 8-4 without a lunch so i can walk after i will have to figure out sometime to print the files for xerox transfer, though i still have some to finish, i'm maybe 1/2 way done - assuming they transfer how i want them to look :) (degraded)

also i really need to get my training hours for USA Swimming stroke & turn judge recorded on the site so that i can be certified after the next swim meet. i'm a little nervous to be legit, but i'm also tired of shadowing other judges...

back to work...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

B is for book

B is for book
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this is a digital mock-up of the prints i plan to do with the linoleum block letters. the letter block and the words will be printed with relief ink and the background image will be a xerox transfer.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

just a nice shot in the kitchen today

just a nice shot in the kitchen today
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just noticed it today - trying to find the source of the "fly problem of 2009" (turns out they were gaining entry around the condesation trap for the a/c)

Friday, September 11, 2009

alphabet of regret

alphabet of regret
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I intend for them to hang vertically :) it was just a proof run really...

the title was frm song lyrics I heard the other day :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ready to print

ready to print
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to do list for 09.09.09

take movie back to miracle video
finish laundry
look through papers
clean off surfaces
print linoleum blocks [printmaking]
pick kid up from school
run dishwasher
(don't like the new sonic couple)
get milk/soy
(I need to take more vacation days)

email Betsy about the ric rac roundup
email Frankie about Topeka art for kids