Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flower Box

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I need a strong statement relating my piece to the call for artists/prospectus for an upcoming show. Any feedback/critique is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Flower Box Statement:

Flower box is an exploration of hand built ceramics and assemblage. The piece engages the viewer as it is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking. It relates to the emergence phenomenon on both a literal and conceptual level. Flowers are a symbol of spring, literally emerging from the soil – Spring emerging from Winter, life emerging from death. The conceptual reference is that of the mother, the flowers and leaves resemble the woman’s form from which new life is borne.


Prospectus: Emergence

Artists are invited to submit completed works of art involving emergence phenomena. Emergence refers to the complex systems, properties, and patterns that arise from the self-organization of smaller parts. The term can also denote an individual divergence from a collective. Emergence occurs across many disciplines, including the biological and social sciences, mathematics, computer science, and physics. Appropriate artwork will explore the many emergent phenomena that exist, from computer software to patterning to design closure.

Selection Criteria:
• Quality of composition and artistic skill displayed.
• Knowledge displayed about the topic. A strong knowledge of the topic promotes a bold, engaging connection with the viewer.
• Work furthers the vision of the project – to explore emergence and its relationships to art or science or make an original statement about the issues/concepts surrounding emergence.
• Originality and creativity of proposed work.
• Work is appealing, interesting, or thought-provoking to viewers that visit the Natural History Museum - visitors that come without expecting to see art.
• Work is structurally sound, requires minimal maintenance, and is safe for installers and visitors.

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