Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Alphabetical Order

Alphabetical Order
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This is the piece I donated to the KCAI Art & Design Auction 2011

Point of View

I used to have a livejournal (still do, just don't update it anymore) and it was much more of a journal, where as this is a blog and in my head that distinction is personal vs. business which is perhaps why I don't really have a voice from which I write this blog. I posted daily design back in the winter...when I had time for such things. I post photos as I move about my world and occasionally I string some words together...about something or another.

I'm an artist. A visual artist. I primarily make fine art prints—linoleum blocks, intimately sized. My most recent series was the alphabet. I have donated an installation of the piece to KCAI for the art and design auction. I think this is a perfect venue to display the work. It belongs in a gallery and not behind a table at an arts & crafts fair. I'm not sure I'm done with the series, but I'm not sure where it goes from here either. I've seen some amazing work lately at the Lawrence Art Center and other venues and I want to create again. I'm being drawn to nature (it certainly sells better than conceptual or cerebral pieces). But to do nature, you have to do it better than anyone else...or have a point of view that is interesting and new...because the "go-to" subject matter for hobbyists is landscape, there's a ton of it and most of it is blah to bad...

But lately I've been focused on design, freelance work. It pays so much better than fine art, but it's not consistent. I was overwhelmed with my day job—the job was transitioning from designer/art director to project manager/gatekeeper/info gatherer. And the latter, I have zero interest in. I was working day and night to try to keep hold of the design, but it's been made clear that I'm not needed in that position, except for powerpoints (news flash—ppt is not design) and the occasional internal logo. But I find my design work and skills/talent as a designer are being marginalized when I'm given 1 hour to create a logo. Or the same amount of time to put any design piece together.

I could go on forever...but I need to get more work done...for the day job...a part of me wants to get "dooced" which is why I'm publishing this at all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

OMG the updates I should make...

Topics ranging from KCAI Art & Design Auction to getting a passport for my 15 year old kid to finding out the trip may be off to learning it's only with nearly 1/2 the kids who were originally accepted into the program. Oh and there was local hail and tornado activity recently and my day job is just turning into a bit of a nightmare... And then my postcard for my dentist appointment came in plenty of time and so I called this morning to reschedule since it was in the middle of my kid's 9th grade recognition ceremony tomorrow. Turns out it was actually today! and I called to reschedule about 10 minutes into what would have been the appointment...yeah, the least interesting story to tell, but the one that takes the least amount of effort :)

I'll save the rest for later!
enjoy the day...