Friday, August 28, 2009

fired for a picture on facebook

the other designer at work has a friend who got fired because of a photo of her flipping the "bird" on facebook. it's 2009 people...i'm sure many remember (still know of) heather of dooce fame, where the phrase, "i've been dooced" comes from - fired from your job because of personal internet content.

i find it crazy - especially having a 13 year old and knowing kids (even if it's private or friends-only) are putting their lives on the internet - starting young! plus we parents put our kids on the internet starting as eventually the business world is going to have to understand that my facebook is not necessarily representational of the employee i am or will may not happen till my generation is the "old" generation and my son's generation is the main stay of the working public, but it will can't find your employee on facebook, twitter, etc. and then fire them because they bitched about work one day...

there's not such thing as bad press...lose your mind and the rest will follow...or something like that :)

luckily i'm an artist/designer and there have sometimes been "special" allowances for crazy or irreverent, but i still try not to associate anything i do on the interwebs with my "day job"...for now...

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