Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another installment of the TO-DO list-apalooza

Feeling overwhelmed again...
I missed the deadline for the Art Guild Holiday Art Fair. I could have asked for a late spot, artists are often late :) but I decided not to...

LOLA GIANT will be happening again at Van Go Mobile Arts for TWO days! :) December 11th & 12th. So that works out I think...the ladies of lawrence artwork group have pretty good local connections, therefore media coverage and word of mouth. Plus it more closely fits my style.

I do still currently have my Alphabetical Order piece on display at the Mulvane Art Museum through January 16, 2011. I am also going to enter it into the MyArtSpace Scope Miami 2010 Art Show happening at the same time as the Miami Art Basel which would be great publicity....and just great to show more work if accepted.

I also need to get some more laced into the frame pieces of the "Domestic | Domesticated" series ready for sale/show. And I have a ton of wood blocks for caulk xerox transfers...still going to try layers...

Additionally I've been entering design contests at 99 designs trying to win cash prizes as well as build my graphic design portfolio beyond the work I do at my day job. Jason has already won a contest and I'm "this" close to winning! :) It was a pretty good experience...don't want to count my chickens and all that, but I like the work and I enjoyed the rapport with the client.

I am also still on the look out for a day job that more adequately fits me, where I can be creative and contribute to and possibly even lead a team of designers/artists. The economy is still really rough in the midwest I think, though I continually hear that it's "picking up!"

The rest of my time seems to be filled with working out and taking my kid to swim practice at obscenely early hours! :) It's working out fine, I get an early workout for an hour or more in the morning 3 days a week, then I workout again at lunch on workdays and it's good. The more I exercise, the more I like to exercise. I have realized it does take working out 9+ times a week for me to actually gain muscle and lose weight...this part I'm not thrilled about as at some point staying bundled indoors will be way more appealing than running in the snow...but for now I feel dedicated. Also heard a report that thinner women make more money, which I don't doubt for a second and I'm tired of pinching pennies and I'm tired of choosing eating out or a new pair of running maybe getting thinner, getting more art exposure and getting a new creative job will all happen at one magical moment in the very very near future :) keep your fingers crossed.

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Dave said...

I saw "Alphabetical Order" today at Mulvane and found it quite interesting. Out of curiosity, what was your inspiration for the piece, and why set it up like that?

filthEdesign said...

Hi :) Thanks for checking out the show!

I tend to work in series so the alphabet was a natural subject for me...I spent a great deal of time carving the letters and thinking of the simple, child-like "icon" that would go with each letter. I also tend to work in layers both physically and conceptually so I also spent a lot of time looking at childrens books and thinking about what the additional layer or layers might be and how they'd interact with the linoleum blocks. The notion that much of our individual dogma is established during childhood sort of led me to consider double entendré and ideas that for some are "good" or "normal" and for others are "bad" or "sinful".

So I guess basically society, culture and history were my inspiration for this piece.

The clipboards as a framing and hanging device was my husband's idea, something he'd seen in an interior design magazine I think...but I liked that it referenced back to school, childhood, education, etc. I also made sure to use all "old school" clips and not any of the new sleeker types. The layout I chose because it's a common way that the alphabet is displayed, but when you take it and frame each individual image with a clipboard, they almost give the feeling of a quilt, which for me relates back to my history as well as to telling a story, something comforting and nurturing that people are drawn to and then upon closer discovery, the imagery then becomes amusing, repulsive, unsettling, intense or any other way the viewer might respond to the work.

Thanks for the questions, hope my answers aren't too verbose! :)