Monday, August 3, 2009

swim meet, printmaking, linoleum blocks, boulevard wheat, good friends, joint compound and gorgeous weather

this weekend was great!
i had friday off to take john to the DI championship swim meet in lenexa. he got personal best times in all 3 events - which is great :) then friday afternoon we came home and i was SO tired, it was a 5:45 wake-up call to be to the meet in time for warm-ups. the iphone gps gave us bad directions on friday too so i had to call the coach and get better directions :) it wasn't that far off, but i'm not at all familiar with johnson county anymore...if i ever was.

friday swam the 100 breast, saturday was the 50 free and 200 breast and like i said all best times :) so friday afternoon, jason had to work friday so when we got home we took some old/boring games to game guy to sell, then to miracle video to get some videos for the weekend while our netflix were in transit.

john has been saving all his money to buy a refurbed ipod nano :) he had an ugly incident with a lost ipod video :( still makes me sick to think after that he earned a refurbed ipod shuffle and has hung on to that for over a year now. time to upgrade :)

so friday when we got home i was like - go to sleep or be was a tough decision. i decided to carve some linoleum blocks (see previous posts) for E and F...i think they turned out well...only 20 blocks to go for this series :) then i have the backgrounds to work on...i'm still stumped on some of the letters so the series may be a long time coming...

i've decided to contact wonderfair gallery and printshop to see if i can sell some work there on consignment. that would give me visibility in 3 retail venues...ideally with more to come...more gallery visibility would be great as well :) i'll need to sit down and figure out how close to my goal of 10 new venues this year i've come already and how far left to go. i still want to send some work to different publications and blog celebrities to see if i can get some publicity. maybe that's my goal for the 2nd half of the year...

saturday night we went to topeka to visit with old friends :) it's amazing to me the great people i've met throughout my life :) these are the friends from church, plus our former youth pastor :) so crazy...such great people...we are all beautiful imperfection :)

sunday we finally got to sleep in! :) then i lazed around watching mclaughlin group and drinking my morning 3 cups of coffee :) after that i put what is hopefully the last layer of mud on the front of the house. the hallway wall at the very least will be ready to prime next weekend - very exciting! :) i hope the wall is smooth...we've put about 50 gallons of mud on the walls and sanded off about 45 gallons :) lol :) not economical or efficient, but we're total amateurs! :)

i also went for a nice long aerobic walk, need to get back in that habit - hopefully this week i'll be able to walk after work since i should be working swim practice, no art camp, just the final 2 weeks before school starts :)

it was truly a great weekend :) made me feel so fresh and excited :)

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