Thursday, January 14, 2010

drink more water

In my quest to drink more water and my desire to not overpay for soda, I might just give soda up...stop drinking it except on "special occasions" (as defined by me) or with whiskey :). The cheapest soda in town is Checkers and I've been to, probably every other grocery store in town, for the items that they carry at the cheapest price. And I don't really want to go to TWO grocery stores in one night, so I just haven't had any soda. I [heart] Coke Zero...not as much as coffee, but close. But it's been at least 4 days since I've had soda...and while I still think about it, it hasn't been that big of a deal and I've also been drinking more water which is great...and I know myself well enough to know that if there's soda in the house, I will pick it over water most of the time.

Also, I just passed a platter of sweet pastries in the kitchen at work and while I had a double take, I did not have a pastry - not even half :)

And now that the days are getting longer (and the snow is starting to melt), I'm hoping to be able to start exercising more frequently...might try to make it to the rec center today/tonight, but it's been such a busy week, I'm not sure. But I'm at least going to try to make it while the boy is at Tae Kwon Do.

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