Monday, March 8, 2010

landscape art - is it dead?

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"Landscape paintings are so ten years ago, yet artists today continue to create them in abundant supply. After all, there was a time (10 years ago) when art galleries sold nothing but landscapes. Those days are over. Buyers are more sophisticated now. They demand more, well beyond safe and mundane paintings of a quiet stream, a grouping of trees or a wispy field on a cool fall day.

Buyers today want modern, abstract, surreal, out-of the-ordinary realism, engaging figurative work. They are drawn to and demand art full of emotion and intrigue – landscape paintings don’t even come close to fulfilling this need."

Having painted 2 commissioned landscapes in the last couple of years, I think there will always be a market for it. And I'm not sure if pop-surrealism is on its way out or just now hitting the midwest, but I think that style can be a whole new take on landscapes and woodland creatures :). And really, landscapes are so not my thing, and if I had to date them, I'd suggest they went out of style more than ten years ago, but beyond landscape there's a lot of work out there that I'm not in to...

I think it's an error to say that landscape painting is dead, but I do agree with the sentiment of the original post.

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