Wednesday, March 10, 2010

parent teacher conferences

I need to post an update on our house :) We've reached a milestone! We have interior doors! :) But I need photos before I can make that post...SO...instead, I will talk about parent teacher conferences for the boy yesterday :)

He just keeps getting more awesome and more awesome the older he gets, which is pretty amazing considering how awesome he was when he was born :) They do grow up fast, but EVERY stage, EVERY age has something to offer! And don't get me wrong, he's a full-blown teenager, he's moody and he thinks his parents don't know much, if anything and he thinks it's us against him instead of us being his biggest supporters, but he's a great kid in spite of it :)

Met with his social studies teacher first, solid A, he's doing very well, no complaints. The teacher loves his sense of humor and said last conference that he has to keep from being too amused because while he's not inappropriate, he's sarcastic and witty and a teacher can't always laugh openly at such things in the classroom :) we understood :) And it's great to hear because I was always concerned I'd scarred the kid :) I laugh a LOT! a LOT-a lot...and when he was about 2 he used to hide when I laughed...which was hard for both of us since he was SO freaking amusing :)

Okay, so I won't go into detail for each class (since he has 8!) but basically, he's performing like his teacher (and we) knew he could in algebra, we are all very proud as math is one of his best subjects and he needed to step his game up...but really he's smart across the board...if school wasn't so boring for him, he'd get a 4.0 every quarter...

Orchestra: he's deeply talented
Work & Family: doing well, 1 missing worksheet and he has an A
English: he's a voracious reader, great comprehension, great writer
Science: we didn't get to meet with his teacher, but she's also his advisory teacher and the science olympiad coach, we know she likes him very much and he does well in her class :)
Spanish: will have to find out more later...she was sick...
Foods: great student, can really toss a pizza crust :)

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