Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i have a domain!

I'm very excited :)
We've had for several years fully hosted and then just a redirect on the link, but have only recently discovered that people can't figure out the "0" is a zero, not the letter "o" in caps...does not compute apparently.

Reason we did that is because mozaic has been Jason's business name forever and is taken, as is So that left us trying to be clever and given how the kids think it's cool to replace letters with numbers, we changed the o to a zero...awesome, yes...but we are not dealing with the kids when trying to convey things of a business nature and pretty much anyone over the age of 30 doesn't seem to get it...and right now the link redirects to Jason's coroflot portfolio.

The main reason for my domain purchase is I work with a woman who is a pretty savvy designer and she has offered to help and teach me! :) I know HTML circa 1999 and I've had livejournal blogs and this blog and wordpress and tumblr and twitter and myspace and facebook and a bunch of other things out there that I'm sure I've forgotten...but with all the available development tools and plug-ins for said tools, I'm looking to put together a gallery site and maybe I can sell stuff off my site directly as well as continuing to use etsy and all the other sites out there.

It will be WordPress 3.0 and I can't wait!

And maybe in the process I can learn enough to add basic web site development to my list of design services...

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