Tuesday, August 17, 2010

to do list

• get imagery ready to print for this weekend
for the next 1109 gallery show (info deadline 8/27)
• get work submitted to 1109 gallery
• get imagery ready to print: O is for owl for Sabatini gallery
due to gallery mid September (need actual drop off date)
• one more coat of ebony on masonite clip boards
• call neil w/insurance
• find out about scooter repair
• school dance this friday, 8/20
• busker fest this weekend, 8/20-22
• remind the boy to sign up for a free sports physical
in office for 8/19 or 8/26
• find out about high school swim team
• first friday art market (email sent
• create more laced work for art market
• holiday art fair application deadline 10/5
• Social Service League art-cup design contest due 9/27 by 5pm
• art on the clock, percolator show, deadline 9/3
• East Wichita photo contest deadline 9/14

I finally feel like I'm getting back into the art thing again...I wouldn't have the body of work I have today without my husband :) You can check out his portfolio of design and architecture here: m0zaic

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