Monday, November 29, 2010

post it note dress sample w/sketch

post it note dress sample
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This is a test/sample for the origami dresses I plan to make for holiday ornaments for the LOLA Giant Holiday Art Sale December 11 & 12. I will make them larget than a post-it note :) and then print the handcarved linocut blocks on the skirt - gun, target, biohazard symbol, birdcage, egg beater, stove top burner, etc :) very excited to get to work on them!

But alas, the day job owns me for quite a few more hours....

EDIT: Image was removed due to economy of space on my Flickr page...I will be posting an image of the ornament dresses that will be for sale at the LOLA Giant Indie, Handmade, Local Art Fair & Sale December 11 & 12, Lawrence, KS

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