Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LOLA GIANT Vendor Profiles: Leek's Leathers, Jane Leek

Jane Leek began crafting in March 2010 after an apprenticeship in Tuscany with the Italian Leather Smith, Stefano Parrini. Her fledgling company, Leek's Leather, specializes in handmade leather bags, wallets, sandals, belts, pouches, necklaces, and custom-made items such as, leather bras and marsupial packs.

"Everything I make is designed, cut, assembled, and sewed by hand. The labor and attention I put into this work repays me in multiple ways," Leek said. "It allows me to be creative and to grow through that creativity, to engage in an ongoing dialogue between myself and the world."

Click here to learn more about Jane Leek of Leek's Leathers, another hot vendorat the LOLA Giant holiday gift sale. Buy Indie, Buy Local, Buy Handmade.

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