Monday, January 3, 2011

A & S

A & S
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My nephews at second xmas at my brother's house in blue springs, mo. They are my sister's kids though :) She has 2 boys and my brother has 2 girls. They were recovering from sickness, but they are the prime age for all things xmas :) cute stuff :) Their mom is like 5'10" and their dad is like 6'5" and at 6 years old they are the size of an average 9 year old - they are big boys :) We were informed after the fact that one of them had lice at the time of celebration! My husband shaves his head so he has nothing to worry about and I do think that John and I were spared...but I still get a case of itchy head when I start thinking about it.

Last time I had lice I was 20 and had about 4 feet of hair down to past my ass, I had to move it as to not sit on it...crazy I had hair that long. Crazier still that I didn't cut it the hell off when I had lice in college! But no, I used 3 bottles of the RID lice shampoo and spent over 2 hours combing my lice ridden locks. Seems especially ridiculous now that I start to complain of needing a haircut when my hair gets over about 2 or 3 inches long :) I'm much cuter with short hair too :D

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