Tuesday, January 25, 2011

to do list #1039 (or so...)

• Pick up art from the Sabatini Gallery in t-town
• Photograph my work for the filthEdesign Studio fire sale
• Add Excalibur rehearsal dates to my iCal for the rest of the semester
• Ask off for swim meet dates, and just general time off
• Get quotes back on M. Boyer business cards
• Talk to David tonight re: his website
• Work on more BailOz drawings
• Start sending TPS graphics to the programmer
• Mock-ups for NoD
• Apply to Lawrence Art Guild's Art in the Park fair
• Do SOMEthing on my website, gallery, redirect, something...
• Piece for the KCAI art & design auction
• Talk to Starbucks about hanging more art
• Wii Fit every day
• Consume less calories, fat, carbs
• Pay off Japan trip
• Pay CJHS
• Sears batteries
• Ace Gutters
• Tires for the Fit + get the Volvo running again
• Sell ruckus - buy macbook
• Pick-up John's glasses

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