Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ideas, etc.

scraped ice
snow flakes

minimalist geometry

line drawings

look at trends

reform school rules
poppy talk
the pig


happy new year!

I hope everyone has a better 2009!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy holidays | lunch | etsy

happy holidays!
i won't be at work with regular internet access for a week and a half! :)
we do have 3G network in lawrence, ks now though so that's nice at least...

i had lunch today with a great friend from high school. we haven't seen each other since probably 93 or so and it was just a good time catching up. hopefully we'll see each other occasionally going forward. i had a very good group of friends in h.s. and have reconnected with a surprising amount of them again through myspace and facebook and other internet means, there are still a few i keep an eye out for...but i'm just glad we got together. :)

and on a final note before the holidays are full-on, i sold another piece on's by no means a career just yet, but it's nice to sell from both a financial standpoint, but it's also nice that people like your art enough to see it daily or to give it to someone they care about :) good stuff :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

presents all wrapped | over it | the holidays

it's the anticipation that kills me...
i'm good for a week or 2, but we bought our son's big gift like a month ago. i just want to give it to him so he can enjoy it's doing none of us any good in the case in our bedroom!

should have some great photos after the holiday thoguh :) plus i see photos all over town that i want to take in this weather, but it's this weather that's preventing me. the steam/fog on the river especially. it's like 5F here, windchills in the negative double digits. there's a snow and ice expectation for tomorrow :( snow i'm fine with - the ice can suck it.

i am supposed to have lunch with a friend from high school who now lives in KY tomorrow :) i'll be asking her first how she got to kentucky in the first place :)

but what i was getting at initially is that the holidays kind of baffle me. i start out excited...then i get a little nauseous from the consumerism. i don't believe in diamonds as a representation of love and i don't believe in going into debt during the holidays. the big gift we bought our son is something i could have gotten for him anytime during the last few months and i know he'd appreciate it anytime.

xmas is fun when you have like 3-8 year olds, but at the same time 3-8 years olds are impressed regardless of how much money you spend...

so anyway...2 more workdays then i'm off for 9 days, though i might take the 2nd off too. we will probably hang the rest of our drywall in that time in addition to xmas morning with our son, the afternoon at my brothers with his family, my sisters family and my mom...

we'll be sleeping in the rest of the time and staying up late hanging drywall probably :) maybe the weather will stay in the 40s with sun during the days so we can finish the ceiling in the front of the house and figure out what we're going to seal it with. we're trying to decide on a polyshades stain, polyurethane plus color. jason wants to just use polyurethane, but i want to use something a little darker for more uniformity as there is some variation in the sheathing...when we started we didn't know it was going to be the finish.

i'm sure the holidays will be fun. it's nice to accomplish great things on the house and a full week with the 3 of us at home is unheard of. and our son will LOVE his big gift :) and his small ones too, but in reality i'm excited for the big gift. i'm just tired of waiting :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

3 year anniversary | lunch

my department went to lunch today for the 3 year anniversary of myself and the copywriter. he started a week before me. we went to milton's - my choice :) they have ethiopian sidomo always and it's a very tasty brew...

the best part is we went to lunch so early that i still have a cup of coffee in my thermos from home :) coffee is my favorite drink :) and i've probably replaced all of the vices of my youth with coffee! i love it! :)

we usually drink starbucks espresso roast at home, whole bean, and we grind it based on how we're brewing - usually a drip machine or a french press. we have a cuisinart espresso maker in mind for someday :) it's a mostly metal construction, analog controls...we're trying to stay away from digital display/control in our kitchen - a more utilitarian feel instead of electronic/advanced technology. it goes nicely with our "utilitarian modern" aesthetic.

ornament and tree detail

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

we have a tradition that every year we go to target and each pick out a new ornament to add to our collection. this shot is of the lovely glass birds...partridges??? that i picked out this year, they are red and the glass is very delicate, i love them. the other ornament in the shot is the ornament my sister, valerie got for my son's first xmas :) it's this cute pig in a sweater with antlers :) so that makes the ornament 13 years old :) and you can catch a glimpse of my last years choice, the wooden red sled behind the pig.

our son has a thing for the mirror ball ornaments :) he's picked out a silver, a blue and a red one so far...i think the red one was his choice this year. i'll probably have more pictures later :) and jason chose the metal empire state building.

our extended family has been giving "handmade" lots of consideration this year and we felt like we didn't have enough time to hand make for everyone, but with that in mind, i may decide to try to pick our ornaments from the handmade wares on etsy next year :)

christmas tree

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

this is our tree - it's a pre-lit silver tinsel tree :) we love it. you can also see the printing on the osb on our walls. we are in the process of rebuilding our house from the slab and studs out. about 2 months ago we put up our first sheets of drywall. we still have a ways to go, but it was a big step. obviously we don't have drywall up in that corner yet...but we've put that part of the living room on hold till after the holidays.

but we're enjoying the tree - if you look closely you can see a pikachu in a pokeball, several disco ball style ornaments, some star wars ships, the empire state building, snow flakes, a wreath john made out of rice like 7 or 8 years ago, a silver martini glass, a wooden red sled, and MORE! :)


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

some of the presents under our tree.
after viewing some stamps in dooce's style section, last year we started wrapping everything in craft paper and decorating it with stamps. it's cute and we pick-up holiday stamps after the holidays for like 50¢...the paper is also recyclable...and the twine completes the look :)

"gingerbread" house 2

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

my son made this in his _jr. high_ after school program :) lol :) i think the goal was really to create a vehicle for getting the most frosting in his mouth as possible :)

"gingerbread" house view 1

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

Thursday, December 18, 2008

new etsy listing | filthEdesign

whoah! edited for size!

my eyes are freaking me out

i have a large floater in my right eye and i have to blink several times sometimes to be able to see clearly and the older i get the less viscous my vitreous humor will be...and i'm not sure, but i think i saw flashes the other night when trying to get to sleep...

i am VERY myopic to start's all a little scary...eye problems for a visual artist...not to mention humans are just a visual species...and on top of that i have a very poor sense of balance when my eyes are closed...

at my last eye dr. appt. the dr. said my lenses were stretching which is normal with age and why most "normal" people need glasses around 40 or so...but that everything was looking healthy...let's hope it stays that way...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

great new links!

ladies of lawrence artwork

red ballooning

i'll skip the cheap title this time | deviantart

forgot about deviantart
i just added a gallery and profile there...

was doing some research on social networking for my day job and came upon that and quarterlife and taltopia - neither of which i've heard of before, but will be checking them out too.

tina fey's boobs

(the subject supposedly leads to more traffic) :P

my title was initially prompted by starting to watch season 1 of 30 rock on DVD. the first few episodes were -eh- but they gradually got better :) and in one episode tina fey had some serious cleave so we decided to google tina fey's boobs :) and in the list of links one was a blogger who said that the title greatly increased traffic to his/her i'm trying it! :)

lately i've just been trying to stay warm here in lawrence, ks. temps have been between 1 and 10 degres F...with windchill's below that. the farmers almanac suggests record lows this winter...all that data can't be wrong :(

we did get the most beautiful snow though, snow like i haven't seen since my freshman year at art school and amazingly they have not called any snow days. which my son is actually cool with since he lost phone privilages last friday and he needs the social fix :)

after the art fair i haven't done anything creative. work has been slow so all i've done is tweak existing pieces for my portfolio and also some were finally approved for production. can't wait to see the samples. they are not the greatest pieces in the worl, but they are a huge improvement on the past. and it's always nice to see your work printed professionally :)

we had a swim meet last weekend. my son swims for the local club and my husband and i have been working towards becoming stroke and turn officials...which involves attending a clinic, online testing and shadowing current officials at meets. so we shadowed.

another thing that happened just over a week ago - my husband was laid off from his contract graphic design/architecture gig...he was actually a bit of a "swiss army knife" for them...he can operate just about every design program there is - the major ones anyway...mac/windows...anyway if you know anyone in the topeka, lawrence, kansas city area looking for a great designer - please let me know.

i do have an idea for a new piece...with the help of my husband :) i bought these needlework scroll frames for the domestic | domesticated pieces, but ran out of time and my husband suggested they be used for something more "holy" or "precious" given the baggage that a scroll can bring to things. so i'm thinking of going a little larger scale maybe a 5x7 block and it would be a suicide block and therefore a very limited print run - which also lends itself to the preciousness of the scrolls. thinking about virgin mary as my subject matter. i carved a 2x3 block from a virgin mary car air freshener :) it was very sweet...

so that's what's going on in my world these days...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


in addition to new work on etsy, a new gallery on and a new portfolio on coroflot...
i'm working on getting a better physical design portfolio together...never know when i'm going to need to present it...

i e-mailed the submissions addy at reform school rules - i think my work might look great on their site :)

and when we have 2 incomes again, i will probably submit my work to poppytalk handmade

found a couple of sites i might add portfolios to...
my art info
whistlestop gallery
ETA: the whistle stop claims to be "family friendly" - which is great and i don't think my work is offensive, but i'm not sure it falls into family friendly all i can find is information about "the galleries" i can't actually find links to any galleries :)

here's my listing on a printmakers on the web directory:

i'm going to be published in a collaborative book that is being produced by art house co-op in atlanta, ga. here is a link to the info on the opening january 23rd:
art house event - every one who participated gets at least on piece published, i was only able to get 6 of 24 pieces finished in the 3 weeks in which i participated, but i'm hoping to get several pieces published in the book :) if you're in atlanta on 1/23/09 you should go to the opening at the art house gallery :)

i also need to talk to the local consignment gallery here in of the people i talked to recommended i talk to them about showing/selling my work there...
phoenix gallery

i added some work to coroflot - it's a site for designers. i have added both design work and fine art work to my portfolio. probably need to add more design work...hard part is my "day job" is pretty traditional with regard to design...can be construed as not that exciting...

i have a few nice pieces i think though...

Monday, December 15, 2008

artist statement

anyone have any good resources for writing an artist statement?

i love talking about art and should probably remain somewhat relaxed and conversational...i think concise is pretty important too...i'm just not sure i've very good at writing about my work.

i tend to want to give too much information and in being so aware, i start to censor myself tremendously in my writing. my work has evolved a lot since i was in college, but the work i like and that i find to be more successful tends to be about femininity, being a woman and the baggage - good and bad - associated with that...

i did find a good resource to start brainstorming...but i haven't gotten anywhere conclusive...

just curious what other artists were writing...links?

embroidery detail

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

domesticated | domestic

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

this is the 3rd size of framed prints i made for the art fair - they are 5" x 7" and the listing to this piece is on here

Thursday, December 11, 2008

birthday card | 2006

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

was looking back through files and found this birthday card i designed for my husband one year :) i think it's cute :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 new items for sale on etsy

i have posted 3 new pieces on etsy - please stop by and take a look...thanks!


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

untitled | art fair | embroidery | printmaking

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

untitled | art fair | printmaking | embroidery

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign


Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

10 inches framed, linocuts with embroidery, signed

will be posting new work on etsy soon :)

booth display | art fair 12.06.08

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

big 3 bailout "ad"

saw this in hatchet's blog and it would really be funny if it wasn't true...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

kate o'conner | embroidery

oh my god - you must check out kate o'conners work, i'm particularly enamored with her embroidery especially given my recent exploration in the medium...

this piece in particular:

i found her work on design for mankind the excellent blog by erin loechner - she posts often with links to incredible artists!

Monday, December 8, 2008

holiday art fair recap

it was a long day...and i was a little sleep deprived going into it...but 4 coffees at various points in the day and a husband willing to get them for me made for a more manageable experience :)

some people really liked my displays, others found them "interesting" and maybe not so much in the good way :) but alas, i'm not sure i'm an artist for the masses...

and the art itself received similar responses from many...and quite a bit of uncomfortable laughter...i think lots of women connect with my art but it's not necessarily a part of themselves they wish to show outwardly...

i did some networking - met the fellow who organizes the fall and spring art walks in town...he was very impressed with my work...gave me the names of several places i should talk to about selling my work :) i did get mostly positive feedback and lots of commentary about having not seen work like mine before - that was pretty great :)
got a lot of really positive feedback from other artists too :)

i sold a handful of pieces, but from what the other booth owners around me said, the turnout was abysmal in comparison to years past. that was disappointing, but i feel like i learned a lot and in the process created a bit of inventory and with that inventory i can now approach galleries and other venues about showing and/or selling my work. plus i can add new items to my etsy shop...and i'll have to start thinking about how to market my shop, my work and my self...

my husband is providing input on new projects and talking about how it's not about the money or the ability to sell for's about growth. there's a certain consistency to the art fair regulars - they find their comfort zone or niche and they produce, produce, produce...there might be growth, there might not's somewhat analogous to teaching to the test. and sure, my preference is to create new grow, but there's also a part of me that would love to be a professional artist in the sense that i actually live off of my art and part of that is about compromise - especially for those of us who have yet to be "discovered"...the truth is there is a total disconnect between being an artist and selling your art, i'm working hard at trying to reconcile those divergent notions

ultimately, i'd call it a success :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

design for mankind mag | issue 06 | the consumption issue

mankind mag: issue 06

the electronic version is free, but donations are welcome and you can get it in print here.

check it out!

p.s. if you have commitment issues, you can preview it here

Monday, December 1, 2008

heebee jeebees | colorado springs | justin marazita

Note from Heather Oelklaus:

Heebee Jeebees is pleased to announce the next exciting exhibition "Don't Worry...It's Just an Appendage" by Justin Marazita.
Opening reception is Friday December 5th, 5-9pm.

Heebee Jeebees
318A East Colorado Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Come and enjoy the amazing art and a fun night out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

holiday art fair | december 6, 2008

who: 50 local artists (including me!)

what: art fair with live music put on by the art guild

where: lawrence art center, lawrence, ks

when: december 6, 2008 - 10am-6pm

why: support local art, buy gifts for your loved ones, say "hi" to me :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

v.2 | hat trick

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

our copywriter mentioned that the brief called out specific use of the "cat in the hat" hat...and i found a great free font called "grinched"...tweaked a little to make it even more fun! :)

i like that the hat almost references a stocking and that the white stripes are actually negative addition to the hat and font being instantly recognizable as seussian :)

could probably take out the magic want on this one that i'm looking at it...but it doesn't bother me either...given where it originated.

oh and did i mention the turn-around-time was less than 24 hours for 2 finished pieces of collateral - not just the i feel pretty good about it all together!

v.1 | hat trick

Originally uploaded by filthEdesign

internal sales contest logo...
this was my first take on the creative input brief...didn't realize "hat trick" was a sports reference.

my thought was frosty the snowman meets magic show with sort of a 40's nigh club feel...

then someone told me about a hat trick in hockey and i remember something that sounded dirty in relation to a hat trick from some other sport, my husband reminded me it was the golden sombrero in baseball :) lol :) but regardless, i didn't have a sporty logo option in me...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

shrinky dinks!

i just thought these were great! :)
there are other shrinky dink artists on etsy, but the drawings of mary massie allegrucci were the most fun to look at...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Originally uploaded by m_mle

my husband took this photo, but i thought it was a great dramatic representation of my new's actually more dramatic than the pieces themselves...might have to do a photographic series in addition to the prints...anyway, i give him full credit for the photo, but wanted to share this view of my work :)

Friday, November 14, 2008


Originally uploaded by m_mle

hoping to start the embroidery this weekend...i need more frames...and michael's does not appear to be restocking the many items that i have bought them out of...eyelets, hook and eye closures, 9" and 10" embroidery hoops...

but i think i'm about finished with the printing portion of my art fair booth preparation and ready to start assembling everything...

my hands will be aching soon from all the sewing and embroidery and grommeting left to do...but exciting to see so much of my work in one place at a time.

wish i'd had my sh*t together this well in college :) age and experience reveal what one is capable of...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

untitled | embroidery | hoop frame

Originally uploaded by m_mle

a new way to work and display the series i'm working on...i will embroider the hoop pieces as well before they are complete.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beau comme un camion

Beau comme un camion
Originally uploaded by daaaaams

you should check out this set on flickr (click the image) - it's the collaborative work of damien gosset and carol mauret from paris. i first noticed their work on doodlers anonymous...

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Originally uploaded by m_mle

critique anyone?

note to self...

i need to start taking photos again and stop relying on my phone...sure it's handy and for a phone it has a decent camera, but it's still a phone camera.

i think one thing that is hurting me on etsy is the quality (or rather lack there of) of my photos...translucent papers are hard enough to photograph that you HAVE to put effort into it...if you want a good shot and not just a "good enough" shot...

also, autumn is amazingly beautiful and the smell of the leaves is transcendent...i need to be documenting this moment.

design for mankind magazine | erin loechner

i just recently started following her blog, design for mankind. it was launched mid-2007 and today i saw that issue five of the publication has just been released, click on the image below to peruse...

I love Mankind Mag at Design for Mankind

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

killing time...

missybabble "tagged" me for a a week ago...i don't get real personal here generally...except for the art :) but what the hell...we're all exhibitionists on the internetZ right :)

7 random things about me:
1. i lost around 90 lbs. my freshman year of college (maximum density was ~230 lbs.)
2. i will only be 40 years old when my kid is a legal adult.
3. i have social anxiety outside of the internetz, though my smile and laughter are my defense mechanisms.
4. random people on the street, baristas, cashiers, ets. like to tell me their life smile is apparently inviting too...
5. i'm a slob...i can NOT create my own system of organization, but i can work pretty well within one created for me.
6. i got married on friday the 13th so my anniversary would be on friday the 13th instead of the same month/date scenario every year.
7. my husband and i are rebuilding the house we bought 2 years ago from the studs and slab out...and we're still very happily together :)


Originally uploaded by m_mle

an image from the video shoot yesterday...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


no matter your ideology - go vote!
...if you haven't already :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

etsy sale!

I just made my third sale on etsy! and one thing that's exciting is I don't even know the buyer - there's a chance I can sell beyond my friends :)

don't get me wrong... I appreciate every sale I just don't have enough friends to make it as an artist :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

storetry | etsy | happy halloween

i was looking for something from other etsy artists to post for halloween...tried searching halloween, then halloween printmaking and after clicking around about bit came upon this piece and i just love letterpress :) and while not a traditional halloween selection, i love this piece for several reasons :)
the word storetry and the coffee mention for starters :)

so enjoy...

happy halloween :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Originally uploaded by m_mle

i apologize for the quality of the photos...i've been using my phone to take photos due to time restraints...

this is a 3 block linocut print of a sunflower - it has evolved since this and i think i want to print it on blue paper (like the sky) instead of white and the dark layer block has been further carved to be heavy mostly in the's coming around...i also have to learn to be patient as a second layer block ALWAYS prints better when the first layer has completely dried :) ...same with the 3rd layer block!

this will eventually be the imagery i submit for "home" in the art house | scavenger project. for most of my life i never felt like i was home or knew what home meant, but for a number of years now, i have represented home (for me) with a sunflower...i'd love to travel the world and live in other places, but my origins will always be the midwest...

in the middle

Oct 27, 2008
Originally uploaded by m_mle

not a great photo, but this is my submission for the art house | scavenger project for "in the middle" :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in a former life...

in a former life...
Originally uploaded by m_mle

this is one of my favorite pieces for the art house | scavenger project

childhood memory

childhood memory
Originally uploaded by m_mle

another piece in the scavenger project...


Originally uploaded by m_mle

the word/concept for this one was fear...notions of being a target, the pattern and the feminine all play into this one.


Originally uploaded by m_mle

these are from my mobile camera, but i wanted to post updates of the art house | scavenger project i'm working on.

i received a list of 24 items/concepts and i'm producing a piece for each - each will become a chapter in a published book and if i return my pieces on time, i'll get at least 1 piece published in the book :) ...hopefully more.

this is a 2-color linocut print, a stereo system with tape deck and dials and such, additionally it's a card with envelope...both the stereo and the card/snail mail concepts are analog :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bras Across the Kaw, Lawrence KS

Bras Across the Kaw, Lawrence KS
Originally uploaded by ali eminov

this photo is from flickr - i'll hopefully get some photos of my own before it's taken down. thanks to ali eminov for use of this photo.

here's the article in the local newspaper - it's sponsored by the lazer 105.9 and the health care access clinic and volunteers to raise awareness about breast cancer and breast health...

i think it's a great piece...

Friday, October 17, 2008

eyeballing | the test

this is another fun test...

the eyeballing game

my best score was 3.49 :) i took it 3 times...i like games :)
what was yours??

GoMediaZine | how to design a font from start to finish

i've been swamped with being a mom and with being a cog in the machine (i.e., work). i may have some photos soon, but for now i'm posting might help some of you out and if not i hope to reference it again when i have more time...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

print ad

Basic CMYK
Originally uploaded by m_mle

just a nice ad i had the opportunity to design and write recently...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

filthE | design

Originally uploaded by m_mle

i'm thinking on a logo...

i want to get business card(ish) sized stickers printed up for the holiday art fair (if i get in).

they can then function as a business card and as a guerilla marketing tool if they're hot enough...

i like the double entendre here...possibly triple entendre, non? :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

color IQ

was directed to this photo blog and she gives a great description of this color IQ test.

i took it and got an 8 :)

what did you get?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

tire swing | linocut

Originally uploaded by m_mle

this is linocut demo i did for a printmaking class i taught at the mulvane museum in topeka...