Friday, October 30, 2009

happy halloween story!

my kid is now 13, so this was 10 years ago :)
he was 3 and it was his first halloween trick-or-treating where he dressed up and went from house to house. we went to oklahoma to visit my aunt and uncle and their kids who are only a few years older than my son. john was dressed as cat in the hat - with a hat that was as tall as he was :) adorable! and our cousin, alex, was dressed up as barbie princess. she was 7 i think. anyway, we got ready to hit the street and alex put her mask on and went over to john and he FAH-REAKED! OUT!

it was hilarious :) she'd take the mask off and he was fine, put it on and he was in the fetal position in tears! i'm sure he doesn't remember it, i'll have to remind him :) it was one of the best halloweens ever :)

he was always so friendly and comfortable, and my aunt was very familiar with her neighbors so that was cool because john would walk up to every door and just walk right inside :)

i tried looking for an image of the mask, can't find one, but it's basically barbie with the eyes cut out - one of those thin hard plastic airbrushed numbers you buy at the store with a thin string of elastic to hold it on :) so funny :)

the other best halloween was 2 years ago, 6th grade. we took john and his best friend at the time, fedor, out trick-or-treating in our old neighborhood. and when we dropped fedor back at home his parents invited us in and we had cranberry infused vodka, a spiced wine, and some wonderful candies and treats and sat and talked :) they are from russia, moved here 12 years ago now. great people...i wish the boys would have gone to the same junior high...but alas, new friends to be made...

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