Friday, November 13, 2009

full time fine artist for a week!

i'm so excited!
i'm taking a week off of work at my "day job" as a graphic designer to make art! :) i have an art fair - the ric rac roundup - november 19th at californos put on by bon bon atelier.

and i plan to spend the next week preparing.

my kid has a swim meet this weekend and i'll be officiating as a stroke and turn judge so the weekend won't be very flexible...but i do also hope to see an old friend play music at a local coffee shop saturday evening :)

then sunday night i'm going to clean the kitchen, a.k.a. my studio, and monday morning i'm going to wake up and print! and print! and print some more!

alphabet print cards
maybe even 33 1/3 rpm blocks
maybe even domestic | domesticated blocks

and i'm going to prep them to sell...OUT! :)
i'm hoping to earn xmas money :) so cross your fingers.

i'm also applying to an art show/sale in lawrence for 12/20 - could be a nice last minute cash influx...and i'm going to get my submittals off for at least 1 or 2 more gallery shows sent off next week!

oh and i forgot i'm also going to work on my "sketchbook project" sketchbook for art house

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