Thursday, December 17, 2009

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been working to get ready for the last art show/sale of the season:
let me know if you need directions or more info - time is noon to 7pm 12/20/09

trying to figure out ways to frame things inexpensively - i think people prefer to buy their art ready to hang and my unframed work can require some serious consideration regarding the frame.

so my wonderful husband has been experimenting - i thought my eyeleted pieces could be "pinned" to a board with a hanger attached to the back pretty was easy in theory, but in execution required surface treatments and a closer look at the hardware used to attach the work. they look awesome!

he painted the boards red and then wiped it and distressed it a little so it looks a bit like a caricature of raw meat and the works in the domestic | domesticated series that i call "the triage set" look fabulous attached with rough, black carpet tacks. i have those in 5x7 & 8x10 - i hope they sell like mad because i love of course i hope others do too...

i'll post some pictures (especially if they don't sell)...

the pieces with patterns laid over the card stock - those washed out on the wood...still don't have a great framing option for them...have some ideas though.

i'd like to find some just dumb black quilted place mats that could be used as the frame itself or put into a frame or even attached to a block of wood like upholstering and old seat cushion or something...might have to ask my mom to help on that one :)

jason has also developed a display set-up and hanging system that should rock the framed pieces...

i'm really excited for the show...

and in addition to that i have new signage for pricing and i'll probably just use a sharpie on the back of the envelopes to price individual pieces and developed and printed just a basic little receipt - something that has my name, my company name, the date, and a place to fill in the item(s) purchased, how they paid and the transaction number...though i just realized i have a place to write in the date as well as the actual date since these are for the 12/20/09 LOLA GIANT specifically...bleh...oh well...

and i'll end this now before i start ranting about my "day job" and end up in a pickle!


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