Monday, December 21, 2009

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Had a great weekend...

Spent Saturday preparing for the lola Giant show. Also did some last minute low budget xmas shopping for the boy. The economy has been knocking us around pretty steadily for the past 2 years but we're trying to keep things "normal" for the boy.

Jason worked on the booth display also - it turned out really well...I spent the last 15 minutes of the show looking at my display and layout. Jackass move of the day: I didn't photograph it. Hopefully there will be another opportunity to participate in a lola event.

Sunday we got up at 8. Jason drilled the last holes in the display and I drank coffee and gathered everything :) Then off to Van Go at 10 to set up.

It was a great show. The level of work was great - had one person say that the stuff they were seeing looked like it could be in stores :) Lots of talented women in Lawrence. Overheard one of the ladies say that there were a lot of applications for the show - so I feel very privileged to have been accepted into the show. Many people took my business card so hopefully they'll check my etsy shop or contact me directly to buy in the future. I did hold a piece back for a guy, will contact him tonight or tomorrow if I can find his contact information in my crazy totes that returned from the show :) And per usual at art shows for me, I sold a small amount of work and received a huge amount of compliments :)

I'm not at all sure how to turn this part-time gig into a full-time gig...but that is my dream. I have a friend Jerry who is a master marketer and that's one of the pieces missing from my own business, the other hugely missing part is the business side: knowledge, management, tax sh*t...etc.

I am selling a couple of pieces a month at bon bon atelier on consignment which is really awesome. I've applied to a show in March at the ARC Gallery in Chicago - should here mid-January if I've been accepted or not. Based on the Prospectus I think my work would be perfect for the show, but there are often politics involved and it's the first show I've applied to since college where I didn't know someone or wasn't a member of the guild or something - so it will be interesting to see if I get accepted...I hope so :)

Anyway, if you are reading this and were at the lola Giant an want to contact me about any of my work or commission work, etc. Please leave a message here or email me at filthedesign at gmail dot com. I would love to hear from you.

Hope everyone gets at least few days off in the next few weeks and has a fabulous time with friends and family and a happy and prosperous new year!!!

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