Friday, April 30, 2010

feeling a bit of the crazy-making going on...

Art in the Park this weekend - Lawrence, KS at beautiful downtown South Park 10am to 5pm, Sunday, May 2nd. Over 130 vendors - great gifts for Mothers Day or anytime. If you're in the area, stop by and support local art!

Saturday, May 1st - 1st swim meet of the summer long course season. First swim meet with our new team. First time we will be in the same place as our former team - I hope everyone remains respectful and positive. I have enough drama in my life without the swim team getting deep in it. Though the reality is, to us it's a swim team, to the coaches it's their livelihood and we know what it's like to lose and we have pretty strong feelings about supporting people we believe in.

Just found out my sister in law has cancer - pretty crazy. It's hard for me to get too worried because I just can't believe an otherwise healthy 36 year old woman could actually die of cancer. It's not stage 1, but it's not stage 4 either - plus it's 2010, surely science is on her side. It's also nutty, I think my siblings and I all thought there was a chance that we could die young since our dad was only 40...I'm almost as old as my dad was when he died. But to think what would be worse would be to have your spouse die young. The dead person almost has it easy in comparison.

And in other news the boy got a graduation invitation from his half-sister...still weird to think he has a half-sister...on one hand it's too bad they couldn't have known each other growing up. I think they will or do harbor the same anger and sadness and it could have helped a great deal to know someone going through almost exactly what you are going through. On the other hand, you have to take life as it comes, you can't control it all for certain...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

pretty plus

pretty plus
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portrait commission

A friend from church youth group (a million lifetimes ago) commissioned a portrait of her daughter for her mom...realism. I chose oil pastels because it still gives it a painterly quality, but can be done in the time-frame at hand. For my first portrait, since possibly high school, it's not that bad...but it has also made me realize I need to work on my drawing skills. My printmaking work tends to be more graphic and stylized in nature...which is cool, but I need to do both.

There is a Dr. Sketchy's show at least once a month in KC, but I haven't made it yet...though I feel like the tweener girl who's the first to get hips and boobs of her friends and suddenly thinks she can't possibly wear a swim suit in front of them!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Prevent Horizon

Prevent Horizon
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Brian Dettmer
Prevent Horizon
Altered Books
11-1/4" x 14" x 11-1/2"
Image Courtesy of the Artist and Kinz + Tillou Fine Art

I follow Brian on Flickr - his work is amazing. I love books and bookmaking and the objectification there of, though I love the stories too.

I particularly love this piece as it is very organic, reminiscent of animal vertebrae almost. I also appreciate taking something that is sacred in it's original form and making it into something completely different, but sacred still. It also reminds me of a geode :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


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not conceptual, but I love the big apple on the looks so real I want to pick it up :)

what a week...what a weekend...

day job's just nuts...I can't really go into detail because it hurts my head to think, I don't want it in writing, what I truly think...

the boy's swim club...OMG! it f'ing mirrors my day job only someone had the 'nads/power to fire someone and even though they did, the whole thing was handled poorly. this ultimately resulted in us joining the (what we've dubbed) "rebellion". but really, if you know me, would you expect otherwise?? :) I'm not a rebellious person per se, I'm just about different strokes...

April first Friday art market
LOVED IT! lots of compliments, few sales - as per usual. but I talked with these fellows who spent a lot of time with the work and they totally got it :) even bought the "O is for owl" piece :) I was thrilled to have my work in their home :) I'm a terrible front person for my work, but if all the people were like these gents, I'd enjoy it even more :)

the surreal portion of the evening was early when the owners of the building came in and I recognized them as the couple my "baby daddy" rented a room from when we first met. I hadn't seen them since way before I left him. but they were always good people and I'd wondered about them over the years. they looked great! and I think they have to be close to 13 years older than me too. Mindy asked, "so how is your baby?" and I pointed over to the chair in which my 14 year old "baby" sat :) she nearly fell over :) it was surreal...totally surreal :) it was good :)

my husband is starting to feel human again, pneumonia is a bitch. I've missed's been almost a week since we've spent any time together...since he's spent more than an hour at a time sitting up...

and tomorrow is Easter, I'm actually okay with the idea of spending time with my family :) the Easter egg hunt with my dad's family...good times :)

so yeah, I won't be ready for work on Monday, but I'll enjoy the day of weekend I have left!

have a great day!!